High Protein Low Carb Quinoa Recipes-Cutlet & Pulao


High Protein Low Carb Quinoa Recipes-Cutlet & Pulao

Hi all,

I have been discovering new foods 🙂 and to be precise I am hooked onto some of the super foods. Super foods are usually not easily available in all countries, maybe because they are grown in a far off land, that is one reason, I do not fall for the expensive type super foods.

However, quinoa is now available in India although may be a bit expensive, but it is available. I love the nutty texture of this grain, it looks quite look amaranth, but I doubt that it is that. Because they are different from each other in essence.

The taste is similar to brown rice and these babies are full of protein and is gluten free.

Let me start with one yummy quinoa cutlets, which is very easy and nutritious:

Quinoa cutlets

You need:

1. 2 boiled potatoes

2. One cup quinoa- boiled and sieved

3.1/4 cup peas- boiled

4. 1 medium size onion- chopped and sauteed with ginger,

6. parsley/coriander

7. Bread crumbs to coat

8. Salt, red chilli powder, any seasoning/herbs you like.


All you need to do is mash potatoes, add quinoa, boiled peas, sauteed onions with ginger, chopped coriander, herbs and make cutlets in desired shape and size. In a non stick pan, add some oil, and place your cutlets with generously coated bread crumbs (I make bread crumbs with whole wheat bread, which is toasted and pulsated in the processor). Cook the cutlets till golden brown.

Quinoa cutlets

Serve with scrambled eggs for a hearty breakfast, or have a supper with burger bun, top with cheese to lure kids 🙂

Quinoa cutlets 1

Quinoa pulao

Replace your rice staple with quinoa. Lets see how.

You need:

1. Carrots– diced and cubed

2. peas,

3. beans,

4. onions,

5. ginger and garlic paste,

6. salt, pepper, garam masala, dhania powder, chilli powder.

7. Quinoa- 1 cup

8. Water 1.5 cups

9. Coriander for garnish,

10. Lemon wedges.


Wash Quinoa with cold water. Saute all the vegetables (chopped in medium size pieces along with ginger garlic paste. Add herbs and salt to taste. Add washed Quinoa along with the water. Give two or three whistles in a pressure cooker. Serve and add chopped coriander, sprinkle lemon juice.

Quinoa Puloa

I enjoyed my share with some yogurt.

Enjoy quinoa at its best. And have a hearty meal, which is full of proteins and fiber. Perfect for you, if you are on a low carb diet.

Till then, take care


Will you try these yummy quinoa recipes?

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