Hiking – Positive Effects On The Brain


Positive Effects Of Hiking On The Brain


It may seem quite obvious that spending time with nature and hiking through a forest or climbing a mountain can rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. However, science has discovered that going hiking can actually benefit your brain.


Going hiking can stop obsessive and negative thoughts

Spending time outdoors with nature can give you a feeling of calmness. Most of us are caught in the cobwebs of negative thoughts that take away the enjoyment out of life and leads to depression and anxiety. A recent study says that when you spend time in green spaces there will be a huge decrease in negative and obsessive thoughts. In the study this effect was seen only in individuals who walked for 90 mins in a natural environment. Those who walked in an urban set up did not feel a reduction in their negative thoughts.

It was noted by researchers that an increase in urbanization is linked with an increased risk of depression and mental illnesses. For both psychological and physical well-being it is essential to spend some time with nature.

Hiking boosts creative problem solving while being cut off from technology

Forest - hiking benefits fo the brain

According to a study it has been found that creative problem solving can improve when you reconnect with nature and disconnect from technology. Participants in the study were asked to go hiking and were not allowed to use any kind of technology. It was found that the problem solving ability of these people improved by 50%.

It was also noted that urban noise and technology demands our attention and prevents us from being able to focus. So, going on a long hike in the woods without technology can help soothe the mind, reduce mental fatigue and help boost creative thinking.

Hiking is a good exercise that boosts brainpower

It is well known that exercising is good for overall well-being. You can burn upto 700 calories an hour depending on the size and difficulty level of the hike. It has been proved that those who exercise outdoors are more likely to stick to the routine. This makes hiking a great choice for people wanting to be more active on a regular basis.

It has been found that aerobic exercise improves memory loss and is known to reduce anxiety, stress, release endorphins and boost self esteem. A lot of people are under medication for such issues but the solutions to these problems are a lot simpler.

Beginning hiking

Hiking is said to be the easiest and the least expensive sport. It can be great for the all the members of the family including grandma and grandpa. Take baby steps initially and see what works for you. Even if it is just walking in the trails of a park, it is okay. Doing any kind of outdoor activity is better than not doing anything at all. If you want to reap the maximum benefits of hiking, it will be a good idea to switch off your mobile phone.

You need sturdy hiking shoes, a hat and a bottle of water. Try layering your clothes so that you can wear or remove stuff as you feel warm or cold.

Hope you liked this post on benefits of hiking!

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