Himalaya Herbals Ayur Slim Review


Himalaya Herbals Ayur Slim Review

Hi All,

Hope everyone is having a great day. Today I would like to review “Himayala Ayur Slim” Pills. I was wondering there are many pills in market claiming that they will make us lose weight. Do they really work?

Himalaya Herbals Ayur Slim Review

After my Herbalife journey, I thought I should maintain my weight and diet so that I don’t put on again. My husband saw these Himalaya Ayur Slim pills in some market with offer and got these. He really doesn’t have any intention to use these, so I gave a try on them.

I really don’t have faith on weight loosing pills, but tried these as they are purely Herbal/Ayurvedic.

Himalaya Herbals Ayur Slim Review

Its a small white plastic bottle. This consists for 60 capsules. So 1 bottle is sufficient for one month, when consumed 2 per day.

Himalaya Herbals Ayur Slim Review capsule

The bottle has every detail about it. I found a flip like thing which is saying “Lift Here ”and  I found more details under it. I liked this type of innovative description on bottle. The capsule is in green color is same like any other allopathic capsule which has got no odor.

Himalaya Herbals Ayur Slim Review weight loss

Himalaya Herbals Ayur Slim capsules review

How does Himalaya Herbals Ayur Slim Review work

Himalaya Herbals Ayur Slim Review BMI


 Rs.200/- available easily online and in any drug store.

Himalaya Herbals Ayur Slim Review price


Ayurslim has a favorable effect on weight reduction and lipid profiles. It is a researched ayurvedic herbal product,that can be safely used with no side effects.

Ayurslim capsules work in three ways to manage body weight:

  • It reduces the craving for food, thereby reducing the intake of fats and carbohydrates.
  • It leads to optimal utilization of nutrients.
  • It inhibits fatty acid synthesis, thereby reducing fat accumulation in the body.


  • Gymnema sylvestre (meshashringi)
  • Garcinia cambogia (garcinia, vrikshamla)
  • Commiphora wightii (Indian bedellium, guggulu)
  • Terminalia chebula (chebulic myrobalan, haritaki)
  • Trigonella foenum – graecum (fenugreek, medhika)

Directions to use

  • The recommended dosage is 2 capsules twice a day, after meals.
  • Along with this, it is also recommended to take less calorie food as regular diet.
  • Also, include regular exercise of an hour in daily routine.
  • Should not be consumed, on pregnancy, lactants, patients with jaundice  and renal failure.
  • In cases, where people are already suffering from problems like diabetes, cardiac problems & high blood pressure, it is preferable to take ayurslim under medical supervision.

My Experience

As instructed I have used 2 pills a day. I didn’t see any side effects. Day1, Day2 no side effects, so I continued to use these. After using a week, I felt like these pills have killed my hunger and carving for sugars as claimed. I mean for some extent only not totally. I used to feel no hungry for 3-4 hours more than the regular intervals.

After a week, when i checked my weight, I didn’t loose nor gained. So i thought I should use these pills for almost four months assuming only then i can see the results. I used them with my complete dedication. Result are neither positive nor negative. I lost some 2kgs after three and half months. Which I felt like because of my strict diet that i was following i lost the weight but not because of the pills.

But the pills used to make my stomach feel as full always, which indicates that you don’t feel like eat anything after the Pill is taken, which inturn helps in avoiding unnecessary munchings. This is actually a good thing with “Ayur Slim”. Also, would like to make a note that, I didn’t do any physical exercise when consuming these pills.

From this experience, I understood that people, who are lazy like me for doing some exercises, can’t rely on these kind of shortcuts for reducing the over-weight. It is always must to include some physical exercise in their routine lifestyle if you are planning to lose the weight, let it be by any technique.


  • Cheaper,
  • No side effects
  • Easy to use
  • Container is travel friendly
  • Ayurvedic/Herbal
  • Availability


Doesn’t work effectively

Rating – 2/5(given 2 assuming the pills would work when accompanied with some physical exercise)

Will I re-purchase Himalaya Ayur Slim capsules: A BIG NO..!! Though it has got so many pros, one con is enough to say no for this. Why will someone buy again, when it doesn’t work ?

Final Word, It is not what you eat, it is what how you spend your calories 🙂

Eat well, Exercise well, spend all calories and stay fit. You cannot win the fitness with any kind of shortcuts. Don’t waste your money on these kinds of things.

Will you try such products after reading Himalaya Herbals Ayur Slim Review?

Jaanu, These kinds of products are called appetite suppressants 🙂 – Tarun Preet

P.S – I have tried taking 2 tablets a day but still no result. People who are criticizing the writer, please know that we publish honest reviews only. – Tarun Preet


  1. Tried it… didn’t lose anything other than money… didn’t notice the “not feeling hungry part”… as at that time I was very busy in my life…. all weight loss shortcuts include fine print that says.. “works when used in conjunction with a restricted diet and daily dose of workout”… was wondering whether it was jus’ me… thanks for the review Jaanu…

  2. True Dee, thats is the reason i mentioned in my last line saying when you really workout, then you need not use these kind of things 😉

  3. aah! i have not tried any single medicines to lose weight…I am too afraid of them…How have been your experience?

  4. The instruction is to have 2 pills TWICE a day! if you can’t follow simple instruction how would you expect to see result?

  5. Jia, do you work for Himalaya ? I have tried as per instruction and it did NOT work. So please don’t spread negativity here.

  6. Hi i m use in himalaya tablet bt no weight loss i m feel bad pls tel me himalaya tablet wn use in food control u tell na

  7. True.. as Dee said “Any shortcuts conjunction with a restricted diet and daily dose of workout” will only work..

  8. One thing I disagree .. IT is actually about what you eat more than what you spend your calories on! You exercise n keep eating won’t make you fit! But eating better will

  9. I tried this for a year.. it really didn’t work.. recently I had been to a dietician where complete analysis was done. found had thyroid . so its better to consult a doc wherein exact reason for weight gain is understood and timely action could be taken. May b it works for few but not for everyone. Walking 40 min helps loose weight and avoiding sweets and oily food. Helps best and keeping all meal portions small.

  10. yes Preeti, it did not work for me too. If you need help to lose weight, join our weight loss program. It is effective 🙂

  11. It was mentioned 2 capsule twice a day so I consumed two for around one week say and after that I got such a big stomach problem with continuous pain.. .I gone through blood test then ultrasounds and infection was found in the abdomen.. .its been more than a week am on bed and still pain is there in my stomach with vomit feel always. In d becoming fever weakness all were there but after.more than a week m still on my bed and decided never ever to take such pills. This s first time in my life that m still recovering from this problem and its going to b two weeks as i rarely get fever or any kind of physical illness but these capsules ayurslim.was nightmare for me

  12. Nice one…But have seen a website which gives reviews about many weightloss products. Is this reviews correct. Most of the people suggest that these reviews in this website is Fake. These are sites maintained by some weight loss pills manufacturer themselves.

  13. Sorry frens no offense or insult but my personal experience.. It do works for me without any side effect
    I use the dose recommended only I have taken it before food instead of aftr. Rest all same.
    Gyming I started this year but previously no gym

  14. have tried ayurvedic medicines from patanjali(medohar vati) and himalaya(ayur slim)..weight remains constant, no loss no gain ! have got suggestion about vrikshamla tablets by himalaya. was planning to give last try…what say.?

  15. Swadin. I personally believe that no medicine can ever make you lose weight until you do what you actually should do…. diet and exercise. So stop wasting your money as well health on these medicines as everything but healthy food and exercise has side effects.

  16. Hi I am having these pills.. it’s written to be taken after food.. Have you taken these before food and how much weight did you loose.. thank you Kavitha.. Please lemme know because I am also desperately trying to loose weight..

  17. Really these type of weight reducing medicines actually are not working but buying these will have a psychological effect for you to take measures to eat less , exercise, diet etc. As you have already spent money you will always be weight conciuos and maybe reduce some weight in a couple of months.

  18. mera 7 year ka baby h .main usse feed karte hu kya main apna weight loss karne ke liye ayurslim use kar skte hu.plz help me

  19. hi all , I used himalaya Ayurslim for the first time in July 2006,I have hormon imbalance and I missed my period since December 1999 until June 2006. After few hours consume two pills I sweat alot and really exhausted .my housemates were really worried . taking it after a week . I got my period back . Imagine since december 1999 until June not even one time I got my menses . I was very happy even the period was really painful . I went to my doctor ,he said something inside the herbs ,balancing your hormone .I continue using Ayurslim and follow the instructions within 3 months I lost 8kgs . besides this after 5 years I tried Himalaya Evecare capsules ..my period have been regular and I lost 13kg in a month ..since then I maintain my weight . I am not working for Himalaya Herbals ,just want to share my experience and I do believe all these medicine sometimes work out for some people and vice versus .. there is no short cut to reduce weight but with using ayurslim and exercise and maintain your lifestyle in healthier way .. a healthy life is waiting for you ..

  20. Hii…guy’s I’m just now buying this product nd im nervous …I used or not ….because I have a already a fitness prblm …my periods it’s not continue …than I’m confuse …so plzzz tell me now I used or not

  21. Well, i can suggest you a more healthy way. Zero 8 – 100% Natural fat eater. Its not herbal or ayurvedic but its made with natural ingredients which we use in our kitchen.

    Do you know about Horsegram? This Zero 8 product is made out of that with some extra similar ingredients added like Jeera, Curry leaves, Hing, etc with no additives or preservatives added. This is like a powder which you can mix with your rice and have 2/3 mouths per day. Thats it.

    It works amazing. I reduced upto 4 kgs and reduced my hip size from 38 to 34 inches in less than 3 months. I dint do extra dieting nor i did any exercising. What it does is It just eats away everyday’s fat.

  22. First those having weight problem ,
    1.check your BMI
    2. Take medical test
    3. see how the result
    4.cut all those negative habit like getting sleep late ,waking up late ,eating late bla2
    5.work out at least have a walk or swimming or walk in the pool
    6 .cut the crabs focus more in vegetables and fruits
    7. always think positive
    8.set 1kg per month to reduce
    9.even after lost weight maintain to work out
    10.reward urself after achieve the ideal weight by going out
    11.do what you like in healthy way
    12.check your thyroid level even hormon imbalance effect weight
    13.fall in love with yourself and love yourself forever .
    you have only one body ,love it and care it and maintain it . okay
    * I am not any product ambassador , I was a female that had hormon imbalance and weight issue .
    and just sharing the info with you guys .okay

  23. use evecare dear for at least 6 months , it will be effective you try the syrup or u can purchase asoka tree barks and boil it and drink it ..effective for PCOD .

  24. use evecare dear for at least 6 months , it will be effective you try the syrup or u can purchase asoka tree barks and boil it and drink it ..effective for PCOD .

  25. and its true in my case .. there is asoka tree bark in eve care and its proven effective curing PCOD ..

  26. This is correct review I have used it too but no results. I tried drinking hot water and the fat started melting like butter. It’s hilarious but true.

  27. Better to lose weight the natural way i.e. without eating slimming pills. For that you need to exercise and control your diet.

  28. It works wonder for me i lost 7kgs i do zoomba daily no its 3months running hoping to loose more 5kgsbest of lluck to u ol

  29. Was planning to buy this product. However, after looking at such an exaustive review I dropped the idea. Thanks for your advice. You saved my money.

  30. Yes you are suppose to use 2 pills twice a day that is 4 pills a day…..maybe thats why you did not get the needed results…..?

  31. I too used it.. for the first time . Morning and evening after my meal ..that day and night I didn’t hv any problem but when I got up in the morning my condition was so worse I did vomiting..so much of weakness was there n stomach problems.. I couldn’t do anything whole day.

  32. What is your view on Green coffee beans extract which are being advertised now? Please reply.

  33. I’ve lost 4 kilos in two weeks using this product and cycling 30 minutes a day. I’m not following any special diet, just avoiding sugar except for fruits.

    Guys, if you see a review for these pills from someone who has a competing weight loss product or programme, do not trust them because there is a clear conflict of interest.


  34. Hi I want to give my wife as a gift bcoz she is really trying hard to loose weight, joined zym from almost last 2 mnths …..work out plus this medication will this help pls suggest

  35. Hi jannu. U mentioned tat u jad taken Herbalife products. So did it work. I m currently taking those. Los around 4kg. Wat abt ur experience

  36. It’s been 2 months with strict diet of salad and chicken, & ground level physical appearance I made losse it 4.5 kg,
    And Alhamdulillah I must say it worked for me,
    It always hold me back with that craving of extra munching all the time wich helped me allot,

  37. It does work for me. I lost 2 kgs in 2 weeks. But I ensured that i do a minimum of 40 mins of physical activity which includes jogging / cycling for 30 mins plus strength training for 10 mins. Great product

  38. Hai,i would like to share my opinion about ur experience…
    For me, v not sholud blame the product without put 100% commitment in losing weigth.v r accumulationg fat from child n expecting the pills work rapidly for us is not possible.v need try to workout exercises together cutdown calories n monitor our sugar levels n lipid levels. And must follow the instruction properly.im not support any brand of products but for me losing weigth is totally 100% of our commitment with full dedication.v cnt blame any easy ways when v not put full effort.im not blaming u but its jst a point of view from me.

  39. Hi Reginah, These are not long term solutions for losing weight. We have posted many diet plans on this site that can be used to get long term benefits.


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