How To Take Care Of Yourself This Holi?


How To Take Care Of Yourself This Holi?

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Do me a favour, let’s play holi!!! Holi is here and there is a festive mood all around. But are the colours you are about to use safe enough? In the past, these colours were made from plants, herbs and flowers. However, with ruthless deforestation we have moved further away from nature. So, we play holi with colours that are made out of chemicals and affect our health.


Holi colours and their health risks

Blue gulaal – Skin rashes and irritation (contact dermatitis)

Purple gulaal – Bronchial asthma and allergies

Green gulaal – eye irritation and temporary blindness

Playing holi with toxic colours can not just aggravate existing skin problems but cause redness and itching. The nails are also affected leading to itching abrasions and burning. During this season, eye problems such as conjunctivitis, corneal abrasions and other infections of the eye are reported. There is hair damage too.

How to identify the harmful chemicals?

You can identify harmful chemicals with the help of your sense of smell. If the smell is like the one of a chemical or an engine oil, it can be easily identified.

You should be careful when you buy colours that do not have a list of ingredients listed as most of the colours are industrial dyes. Chemicals in colors make them look darker and that is why brighter the colour, greater are the chances of them being toxic.


Pre Holi Precautions And Post Holi Care

Here are some precautions that will help you steer clear from the dangers of the chemicals in colours.

Things to do before holi celebration

Apply a layer of Vaseline or any petroleum jelly onto the skin in order to prevent the direct contact with the holi colours. You can use a moisturizer or coconut oil too. Use a good sun block too as certain colours react only with the skin when there is sunlight.

In order to protect your hair you should apply coconut or olive oil with a few drops of lemon juice added to it. After you are well hydrated, covered with clothes, wearing sunglasses and a lip balm, you are good to go.

After holi care

After the celebration ends, wash away the colours with normal or lukewarm water. Moisturize liberally and apply besan with milk or milk cream to get rid of stubborn colour patches. Don’t use harsh soaps and scrubs to remove colour. Just use a gentle cleanser after oil application.

Are herbal colours safer?

Yes, herbal colours are way safer as they are made from natural plant sources and are less likely to irritate the skin. They are expensive but have ingredients that are good for skin health like rose petals, flower and vegetable dyes and sandalwood.

You can actually make your own Holi colours. For green you can make use of henna leaves, coriander and spinach. For yellow you can use turmeric mixed with flour, red gulaal can be made with sandalwood powder, vermillion and dried rose petals.

Just take a few precautions and you can enjoy Holi!

Hope this post on taking care of yourself during holi has been useful!

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