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I announce, I am so fed up with Cold and Cough( read I have gone cranky). I don’t like to take medicines but no choice ! I have been suffering from 3 days. I gave up and having medicines now.

I made this Besan Sheera(some of you may know it by different name) to help soothe my cough. My mum always made this for me since I always crave for sweet when I am ill. This sheera works on my cough and sweet tooth both 🙂

This recipe is very popular but for those who are new to it can certainly give it a try. It just takes 5 minutes to cook.

Step 1 – One step Desi Ghee in the wok. I prefer to use iron wok since I am anaemic.


Home Remedy for Cough

Step 2 – Add 2-3 spoons of besan and stir till it become light brown.


Sweet dish weight loss

Step 3 – Add honey to it. I also added jaggery water to it later when i found it less sweet 😛


home made sweet dish

Step 4 – Add a cup of milk and half a cup of water.


sweet tooth weight loss

Step 5 – Cook for 3-4 minutes till the milk boils and the texture become thick.


quick weight loss

Step 6 – Add almonds to it. You can also add other nuts. Voila – its ready to be slurped hot 🙂


Home Remedy for Cough Healthy Sweet Dish

Let me know if you know some quick and healthy sweet recipe 🙂


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