Home Remedy for Cough; Healthy Sweet Dish

Besan sheera recipe

Home Remedy for Cough Healthy Sweet Dish

During Covid-19 Lockdown

During winters I get so fed up with Cold and Cough but don’t like to take medicines. So I remember my mom who used to make Besan Sheera (some of you may know it by a different name) help soothe my cough. My mum always made this for me since I always crave sweets when I am ill. This Sheera works on my cough and sweet tooth both 🙂

With the lockdown 4.0 announced and keeping in view the Covid19 situation, I have become an expert in making this as a quick dessert.

Home Remedy for Cough Healthy Sweet Dish Recipe

Home Remedy for Cough This recipe is very popular but for those who are new to it can certainly give it a try. It just takes 5 minutes to cook. For kids too it can be a wonderful evening snack.

Let us make it.


1. Besan or chickpea flour

2. Desi ghee

3. Honey or jaggery or sugar

4. Milk

Step 1 –  Heat one spoon Desi Ghee in the wok. I prefer to use iron wok since I am anemic.

Home Remedy for Cough

Step 2 – Add 2-3 spoons of besan or chickpea flour and stir till it becomes light brown and gives a nice smell.

Sweet dish weight loss

Step 3 – Add honey / sugar / jaggery  to it according to your taste. I also added jaggery water to it later when i found it less sweet 😛

home made sweet dish

Step 4 – Add a cup of milk and half a cup of water.

sweet tooth weight loss

Step 5 – Cook for 3-4 minutes till the milk boils and the texture become thick.

quick weight loss

Step 6 – Add almonds to it. You can also add other nuts. Voila – its ready to be slurped hot 🙂

Home Remedy for Cough Healthy Sweet Dish

Let me know if you know some quick and healthy sweet recipes that you have made for yourself or your family during the Covid19 lockdown.  🙂

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