7 Reasons Why Homeopathy Is Good For You!


Why Homeopathy Is Good For You?

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I was down with throat infection and fever recently and I didn’t want to pop in antibiotics! They are so strong and have side effects. To save myself from them, I went in for homeopathic treatment. (And I have been doing so for quite some time now as my doctor is a very sweet lady!). Within 2 days I was feeling much better! The sweet pills were so easy to eat unlike those ugly looking antibiotics. So, yeah I got treated well with homeopathy and I did not go through the appetite loss that happens to me when I am on antibiotics!

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Now, the best part about homeopathy is that it can treat physical, mental and emotional illness. People from different walks of life can use it, including pregnant women.

Here is why this system of medicine should be chosen over others:

1) It is completely natural

When you go in for homeopathic medicines you can be carefree as your body is not going to be harmed by toxins or harmful chemicals. The reason behind this is that homeopathic medicines are made out of herbs, plants, trees and flowers. The extracts of these natural things are then diluted with double distilled water. Homeopathic medicines made by the dilution and distillation process make them very effective even in their diluted form.

2) Homeopathic medicines stimulate self-healing properties

Homeopathic medicines are made up of natural extracts and diluted several times in order to suit the patient’s need and requirements. The same medicine when given in undiluted doses can aggravate the symptoms instead of treating them. n small and diluted doses, homeo medicines stimulate the body’s self-healing properties.

3) It is suitable for all age groups

Homeopathic treatments can be given to babies and children without any second thoughts. It is also safe for women who are expecting and are suffering from morning sickness are related issues.

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4) It boosts energy and other functions of the body

Hoemepathy is a system of medicine that not only resolves the main health crisis of an individual but also increases energy and turns to other health problems that can be cured. Homeopathy not just offers a remedy but also helps in strengthening and supporting the immune system.

5) It is a holistic approach

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that involves the healing of the body, emotions and spirit of the person. In certain cases, during the beginning of the treatment, the patient may have an aggravation of symptoms. In homeopathy thin is regarded as a sign that the right remedy has been chosen. Continuous usage of the medicines leads to improvement of the symptoms and the illness. This improves quality of life and good health.

6) Homeopathy is environment friendly

A single drop of a substance prepared homeopathically from natural extracts goes through the process of dilution and can provide more than tens of thousands of doses! It can supply a homeopathic pharmacy for decades! So, isn’t it environment friendly?

7) There are no side effects

The best part about homeopathy is that it does not have any side effects. Even when an incorrect medicine is selected, it won’t harm a person. There will just be mild and short term symptom aggravations that will get alright quickly and be followed by improvements.

Hope you found this post – ‘Why Homeopathy Is Good For You?’

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