Heard About Honey Bath For Skin Health?


Heard About Honey Bath For Skin Health?

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Honey has been used for luxurious beauty routines before the days of Cleopatra. Historians think that humans have been using honey for food and medicinal purposes for more than 10,000 years now.

honey uses and benefits

Now, how about a long soak in a honey bath? It can definitely be a good change from your usual bathing routine and add a little spa effect to it. Now the question that might be arising in your mind is why go in for honey? Well, honey has a lot of benefits to offer for the skin when applied topically and they are as follows:

  • It is antioxidant in nature
  • It has a soothing nature
  • It has moisturizing properties

How is the honey bath prepared?

You can prepare the honey bath by adding honey to your bathwater. You can combine honey with other natural products or the ones made by cosmetic and skincare companies. There exist dozens of homemade honey bath mixtures recipes. You can also get pre-made mixtures made by companies. However, stick to homemade products if your skin is sensitive or you suffer from certain allergies. Making the mixture at home is the best as you know what all ingredients are getting into it.

One common kind of bath for the skin is the milk and honey bath. You can make this one easily either by using powdered milk or regular milk with honey and adding it to the bathtub full of water. Milk and honey baths have been known since time immemorial to deep moisturize the skin. It is of the kind that Cleopatra used to bathe in!

Honey and milk bath benefits

Use ½ a cup of unprocessed, raw honey for this purpose as there is no point in using the processed honey that you usually use in the kitchen.

The quantity of milk should be both affordable and practical. 1-2 cups of milk is enough. Using rich and creamy milk will help soften and nourish the skin.

If you want to skip the milk, you can do so. Honey can be combined with other ingredients to make a bath mixture that suits you. You can add lavender flowers in order to get a soothing scent and flowery feel. Mix the honey with a mild and unscented liquid soap and vanilla extract to make a foaming bubble bath. You can even add almond oil or olive oil for a super moisturizing version.

Benefits of honey bath for the skin

Honey baths provide a mild anti-bacterial support and are also useful in treating sunburns or burns. Studies show that mild burns that are treated with honey hurt less and fade faster. When you get scorched by the hot plate (tawa) or sun burned due to too much of exposure to the skin, consider going in for a lukewarm honey bath to soothe and soften the skin.

Other bath products with honey

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You can make a wide variety of bath products while keeping honey as the base. You can make scrubs or even facial masks. For a softening scrub, you simply need to combine honey with regular salt and a bit of olive oil. Rub this over your skin in circular motion while having a shower. The salt will exfoliate and the honey and oil will moisturize.

Honey being antibacterial is great for facial treatments. For a honey mask, just apply pure raw honey on your face. It would be even better to allow the mask to sink in while you enjoy a soak in a honey bath!

The only issue with the baths of these kinds is that you need a bath tub and that is not common in India 😛

Will you try the Honey Bath For Skin Health?

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