How Does Honey Benefit Your Eyes?


How Does Honey Benefit Your Eyes? Find Out!

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How have you been using honey? Most probably as a replacement for sugar to fight belly fat or as a skin care ingredient. Have you ever thought of using it for your eyes? Well, without a second thought it can be said that eyes are an extremely important sense organ and having healthy eyesight is a must so that you can see the world clearly.

It is commonly perceived that one’s eyesight gets poor with age but there are many people who have eyesight related trouble because of hereditary problems. Currently, there is an overuse of technical gadgets and computers clubbed with an unhealthy lifestyle. As a result, of this you can see a lot of people with eyesight problems.

If you want to deal with eyesight issues, you would probably look for eye drops that are available over the counter. Have you ever thought how safe it would be to use these without the prescription of the eye doctor? If you have dryness in your eyes, some kind of itching or infection, you can use honey as it will definitely be helpful.

How Does Honey Benefit Your Eyes?

Check out the list of benefits of honey for your eyes –

1) Treats the dryness of your eyes

To help treat the dryness of your eyes, you need to mix a few drops of honey with slightly warm water and then wash your eyes with it before going to bed. This way you will get relief from itchy, dry and red eyes.

2)  Reduces the puffiness of your eyes

When you are overworked, your eyes can also get tired. So, just close your eyes and apply a little bit of honey over the eyelids. Do so for 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse it off it cold water. It will definitely help you feel better.

3) Helps in treating conjunctivitis

Those having conjunctivitis can apply some drops of honey and get relief. This remedy has been backed by science.

4) It cures eye infection

In some warm water, add a few drops of pure honey and dilute it. Apply this solution to the affected eye with the help of a cotton wool. It is immensely helpful in treating infections related to the eyes.

5) Maintains the health of eye muscles

Using honey eye drops will help in the upkeep of the health of your eye muscles. As and when you grow older, your vision will become weaker but if you use honey eye drops it can be helpful.

6) Prevents glaucoma

Studies indicate that honey eye drops can reduce the risk of glaucoma considerably.

7) Prevents loss of vision

Honey is rich in antioxidants and has zinc in it that are required for the proper functioning of eye nerves. You need to consume honey to prevent vision loss.

8) Treats aching eyes

When you consume honey every day, you might not just treat aching eyes but even prevent formation of wrinkles around your eyes.

A word of caution:

The honey you use for your eye drops should be pure and not be a treated version. Also check for honey sensitivity and allergy and please discontinue use if any allergic reaction occurs. Check with the doctor once just to be sure.

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