What You Need To Know About The Hormone Leptin!


All You Need To Know About The Hormone Leptin

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Do you always feel hungry no matter what you do? You can follow these tips to suppress your appetite. However, when nothing seems to work you have to accept the fact that it is something linked with your brain. Yes, you read that right, your brain.

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Ever heard of leptin? It is the satiating hormone of the body. It is said to be secreted naturally by the fat cells and is known to help suppress your appetite. It is your brains signal that makes you stop eating. When you suffer from a leptin deficiency and an imbalance of hormones, things can go haywire.

The opposite of leptin is a hormone called ghrelin. It is called the hunger hormone. When things are alright and in balance, leptin and ghrelin work mutually to keep your hunger levels in check. There is an equilibrium, which means that you are hungry when you should be and feel satiated when you have a meal. However, when the hormone leptin is not there, ghrelin seems to rule your hunger and you have rampant cravings.

Cravings and a voracious appetite can possibly due to an imbalance or lack of the hormone leptin. Moreover, the more fat cells you have in your body, the more leptin your body produces unless you have a disorder, imbalance or resistance. Thus, if you lose a huge amount of weight too quickly, you would possible struggle with hunger and cravings as your levels of leptin have reduced. See! Weight loss all of a sudden is not a good idea as it can affect the satiety hormone leptin and making it difficult for you to keep the weight off for long.

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Now if you are wondering ‘when more fat releases more leptin, why are overweight people still having hunger issues?’ Well, that is a natural question to pop out in the mind of any human. In this situation, a resistance to leptin is suspected. When there is too much leptin, your brain becomes blind to leptin, it just can’t see the hormone and thinks that you are still hungry. It is all too messed up.

What should you be doing when you suspect having an imbalance, deficiency or resistance? First comes first, don’t get fooled by the so-called ‘supplements’ available on the internet. They do not work and there is no science to back these products. That being said, there is no use of adding in more leptin when you have a leptin resistance as it is not going to do anything. As far as leptin supplements are concerned. They don’t actually contain leptin but instead have ingredients to improve the functioning of leptin. Research in this regard is definitely not sufficient but they also may not be harmful.

So, what should you be doing when you have appetite issues? You better stop googling things up and instead pay the doctor visit. The doctor will see if other factors might help you out in the current situation, including your triglyceride levels that can interfere with the pathway of leptin to your brain. There can also be chances of high insulin levels that increase the brain’s resistance to leptin.

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