6 Hormones That Cause Weight Gain In Women


6 Hormones That Cause Weight Gain In Women

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Are you not able to lose weight in spite of trying each and every trick in the book? Does every effort seem to go in vain. Then I guess you should get your hormones checked. It has been found in a survey that women vulnerable to slow metabolism, food cravings and hormonal changes throughout their life. All this may be related to PMS, pregnancy, menopause or daily stress. Research reveals that female hormones, metabolism, appetite and weight loss are linked together. It is possible to manage your weight well with personalized diet plans and a physically active lifestyle through a proper study of hormone mechanisms in women.

Hormones and weight loss scale

Hormones That Cause Weight Gain In Women

Women are usually more affected by hormonal changes than men. Hormones seem to affect women of all age groups and it has an impact on their menstrual cycle and daily life. The hormones that are responsible for weight gain are as follows:

Thyroid hormone

diet for thyroid

Thyroid function affects the rate at which we burn our calories. Even a slight thyroid deficiency can affect the body’s metabolism. If you have the symptoms associated with low thyroid function like weight gain, low body temperature, hair loss, fatigue, dull mood or dry skin do ask your doctor about getting a thyroid test done. The doctor will then have a look at your reports and tell you if the levels of thyroid hormones are optimal.


insulin-Hormones That Cause Weight Gain In Women

Insulin is the hormone in the body that stores fat. It is produced by the pancreas. Its job is to take the nutrients from the blood stream and store them in the body cells. The real problem starts when too much sugar or starches are consumed. Too much sugar means too much glucose and this means that there is the need of more insulin to drive the glucose into the body tissues. More amount of insulin in the blood leads to weight gain.


Estrogen Foods To Increase Breast Size Naturally

Estrogen affects our metabolism. People think that estrogen causes weight gain but you see an estrogen deficiency leads to weight gain. Estrogen increases the sensitivity of muscle and fat to the hormone insulin. This lowers insulin and also its fat storing effects. The deficiency of estrogen triggers carb cravings and an excess of it is linked with insulin problems.


de-stress-and weight loss

Cortisol is a hormone that is released when a person is stressed out or has a lack of sleep. Elevated cortisol leads to weight gain and that to abdominal weight gain in particular. High levels of cortisol trigger food cravings. And you will end up munching on junk food. No wonder it leads to weight gain.


How To Control Bloating

This reproductive hormone starts changing and declining to low levels when a woman enters her mid thirties. It has a role to play in metabolism in many ways. Actually, decreased levels of this hormone do not cause weight gain. It leads to water retention and bloating in women that makes them feel fuller and heavier.


Reasons For Sudden Weight Gain

Women who suffer from PCOS have an increased level of testosterone (male hormone) that leads to a number of problems like:

  • Weight gain
  • Menstrual disorders
  • Facial hair
  • Acne
  • Infertility

In women, testosterone is responsible for muscle mass. During menopause the level of testosterone decreases and so does the metabolic rate and this can lead to weight gain.

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