Hot Drinks Can Cause Cancer And Not Coffee!

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Hot Drinks Can Cause Cancer Not Coffee!

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There are many conflicting stories on the health benefits and risks of drinking coffee and tea. Are they driving you crazy? Oh well, good or bad, we Indians cannot do without a cup of garam chai! The claims that tea and coffee cause cancer have been a reason to worry but the latest findings by WHO (World Health Organization) should help you relax. Now it is official! Drinking coffee does not cause cancer!

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What The American Institute For Cancer Research Says?

During earlier research certain studies hinted that coffee can increase the risk of cancer. However, larger and well designed studies now indicate the opposite: coffee protects from some cancers. This is what the American Institute for cancer research has to say.

Coffee and the cancer link

WHO had classified coffee as a possible carcinogen (cancer causing substance) about 20 years ago. There were worries that it can cause bladder cancer. However, the recent findings by WHO researchers have emerged as a relief for coffee lovers. Cancer risk is not linked with drinking tea or coffee but by consuming hot beverages. This indicates that you can consume your usual cup of tea or coffee at room temperature or at a moderately warm temperature. This also means that you have to bid goodbye to your steaming hot cup of tea on a rainy day!

How Hot Drinks Can Cause Cancer?

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As per latest research, drinking any drink at an extremely high temperature can increase the risk of cancer of the esophagus. Make sure that the beverage you are serving has a temperature of not more than 65 degree Celsius and you will be safe. The reason behind this is not that carcinogens are released from tea and coffee at high temperatures but because of the fact that hot drinks can scald your throat and increase the risk of tumour formation in that part.

Enjoy tea and coffee

Yup! You can enjoy your daily cups of tea and coffee but you need to follow a simple thumb rule. If a beverage is hot enough to burn you, you should not put it in your mouth.

The bottom line

Tea and coffee don’t cause cancer. They instead have a lot of health benefits to offer. Most of the health benefits of tea and coffee are linked to the antioxidants present in them. Drinking herbal teas can help lower the risk of stroke, diabetes, liver cancer and cardiac disease.

Hope you now know that Hot Drinks Can Cause Cancer And Not Coffee!

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