How Bad Energy Drinks Are For You? Find Out!


How Bad Energy Drinks Are For You? Find Out!

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A person comes home dead tired and then he remembers that he has to attend a reception, but how? He can barely lift a finger! Well, then he gets the idea of guzzling down a can of energy drink and voila, he is are full of energy again and rocks at the reception party.

This isn’t the script of the ad of an energy drink but a glimpse of the reality. These days people depend a lot on energy drinks for their energy needs. Do you too?? Please pause for a second and read this post as we are discussing how bad energy drinks can be for you!

Drinking a can of energy drink can be bad for you and if you happen to be mixing it with alcohol then it can cause serious damage!

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Do you know that even if you are young, hale and hearty, energy drinks can harm your heart? There has been a new study according to which energy drinks can result in high blood pressure, an increase in heart rate and some serious cardiovascular risks. If you feel that this effect is just for the elderly or those with existing heart problems, you need to think twice. The study reveals that drinking even one can of energy drink can result in harmful spikes in the blood pressure as well as levels of stress hormones in young and healthy adults.

The researchers had a look at the effect of energy drinks on parameters like blood pressure and heart rate. The participants were made to fast and asked to abstain from drinking caffeine or alcohol for 24 hrs before each day of the study. They were given a drink, where one group was offered energy drink and the other a placebo. After 30 minutes of ingestion of the drink, essential parameters of the participants were checked.

The results of the study revealed that caffeine levels were left unchanged after the placebo drink but it increased a lot after the consumption of the energy drink. Energy drink consumption increased blood pressure as well.

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Excess stimulants and caffeine in energy drinks are the culprits

Both researchers and doctors say that the risks involved in drinking energy drinks is because of excess of caffeine and other stimulants present in the drinks. They put a stress on to the cardiovascular system. Usage of such stimulants frequently can put a burden on the heart. So, those who have this drink often are prone to heart problems.

Experts say that the findings may be significant but there is a further need for research in order to validate the results.

The energy drink scenario in India

Indian doctors say that there is a growing trend of consuming energy drinks among the youth and this is an unhealthy trend as it can cause serious health risks in the future.

There is a rising tendency in people to consume energy drinks before sports events or even exams. However, this is an unhealthy trend as studies say that consumption of energy drinks can negatively affect performance instead of improving it. Doctors say that too much consumption of it for a long period of time increases blood pressure and the risk of heart disease.

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