How Camping Can Be Good For Your Health


How Camping Can Be Good For Your Health

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Have you ever thought of trying a hand at outdoor camping? After reading Swati’s great trekking experience, I too am feeling a bit adventurous 🙂 ! Well I have never tried camping but have enjoyed picnics in the woods a lot.

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Camping has a lot of health benefits to offer and they are as follows:

Helps you in reconnecting your sleep cycle with nature

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Since ancient times we have been sleeping shortly after it is dark and waking up with the sun rise. We have evolved that way. But what are we doing today? Insomnia is becoming very common nowadays. Some people are night owls and do most of their work by staying up late at night.

A recent study says that people sleep better when their sleep cycle is in sync with the sun. This is in connection with our internal circadian rhythm and the production/timing of melatonin.

You build your gut flora

The gut flora has several benefits to offer right from decreasing inflammation to improving the body’s metabolism, immunity and digestion. This science is slowly being unveiled. When you go outdoors for camping, you are getting close to nature. This is a really effective way to increase and improve your gut flora that in turn improves your overall health.

It is a good exercise

It may not be necessary that your camping will have a lot of exercising. But if you are planning to chop your firewood or taking part in cycling and other sports then you can reap the benefits.

A stress reliever

Chronic health issues occur largely due to stress. This makes it essential to reduce stress. Outdoor camping will provide you with the much needed stillness in life. The outer stillness and calmness will help setting things alright inside you. If you are constantly stressed with your daily life you should seek refuge in nature. The tranquil surroundings can help you unwind.

camping for good health

Being away from artificial light

According to research done, being exposed to artificial light post sun set has a major part to play in developing cancer of the breast and other ailments. Melatonin production is the mechanism behind this.

Increases production of serotonin

happy-woman-food fear

Serotonin is a chemical produced by the body that makes us feel happy. Camping helps in increasing the levels of serotonin as the intake of oxygen is increased. Along with fresh oxygen, exposure to sunlight and increase in physical activity can raise serotonin levels. If you want to feel good and be happy, you should give outdoor excursions a try.


Try doing a digital detox. Leave your cell phone, tablet and laptop a home. Yes, you have to do that if you really want to make most of your camping trip. It will make you stop clicking selfies and posting them on social media :P. We have become so dependent on gadgets that if you happen to leave home without your mobile phone, you start panicking mid way!

Just detach yourself from the gadget filled world. Disconnect yourself from gadgets and enjoy nature’s simplicity! You will feel the difference on your own. This piece of advice is not just for you to enjoy your experience but also to increase your longevity. It has been found that by switching your cell phone off and being one with nature is beneficial.

Willing to go for camping? Do share your experience with us 🙂

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