How Dandruff Affects You?


Find out how dandruff affects you?

Dandruff is one of the most common skin condition faced by individuals these days. It is quite common among men rather than women. According to some studies, it is said that dandruff can be a result of consuming food having high salt, sugar and spices. Effects of dandruff can be really bad for your heath and entire body. The white powdery substance scattered everywhere around your hairs and shoulders is very harmful for your skin and body according to the various studies and research conducted by medical science. Dandruff basically develops in hair follicles due to extreme dryness and ultimately starts affecting your whole body.

How Dandruff Affects You?

Here are some common side effects caused by dandruff along with their remedy in order to get rid of it in few weeks:

1. Irritation

The most common side effect of dandruff is irritation. Scratching your hair every time due to dandruff creates an ambiance of irritation. It even makes you feel embarrassing when your hair and shoulders have white powdery substance. For the individuals having dry hair or skin, it is very important to be safe and secure from the dandruff. It is important to keep your hair oily to reduce dryness and use moisturizing shampoo to get rid of dandruff.

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2. Extreme hair fall

Dandruff can lead to a very serious problem of hair fall which is one of the major concerns. Hair fall can be quite harmful if you are facing extreme levels of dandruff in your hair. Good oils can keep your dandruff away and save your hair from falling.

3. Acne

Dandruff can even have a worst effect on skin and face. It can cause serious skin problems like acne and pimples to individuals having dandruff. It is a major source of skin infections. It is very important to treat the affected area immediately; otherwise dandruff can expand its territory and cause serious skin problems that can adversely impact your health.

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4. Itching

Dandruff can lead to itchy scalp which creates a terrible feeling of scratching your hair every time badly. This itching habit cannot be avoided if you are facing extreme levels of dandruff in your hair. It is better to get rid from dandruff rather than scratching your hair badly.

5. Asthma

This is one of the most dangerous and chronic side effects of dandruff faced by individuals. Dandruff usually fall from hair into shoulders which can be easily inhaled if it is not noticed properly, this can lead to an infection in lungs and can cause Asthma and other disorders. This is one of the worst effects of dandruff which is extremely harmful for your body.


These are some of the major side effects caused by dandruff. If you are facing dandruff problems from very long time, do not ignore it as it can lead to serious skin infections and chronic disorders. It is important to start the treatment at an early stage by a good dermatologist in order to get rid of it in few weeks.

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