How Dehydration Can Be Bad For You?


How Dehydration Can Be Bad For You?

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Everyone knows that dehydration is bad for you but this post shows how bad it can be for you! By the way, it doesn’t take much time to get dehydrated. Our body is 60% water and losing just 1.5% of the water can bring you to the point of mild dehydration!


Here is How Dehydration Can Be Bad For You! :

Bad breath

Dehydration can give you bad breath. You may forget to drink water on a busy day but that will make people run away from you when you open your mouth in the evening! According to dentists, when you are dehydrated, there is a decrease in the saliva in the mouth which allows bacteria to flourish in the mouth, giving you a bad breath.

Sugar craving

sugar kills us

Dehydration can take the form of hunger and that too make you crave sugar. This may happen if you have been exercising. When you exercise in a state of dehydration, you use up a stored carbohydrate called glycogen at a faster rate. This diminishes your stores faster and once you finish exercising, you start craving carbs to replenish your levels of glycogen.

Drying out of skin

To keep your skin healthy and glowing, you need to drink sufficient amount of water. You need to adjust your water intake as per your lifestyle. You have to drink more water if you workout everyday or are crazy for coffee because you will sweat when you workout and tend to get dehydrated when you drink too much of coffee.


How To Re-energize Yourself When Tired

You may start feeling tired when you are dehydrated. You see, during such times your blood pressure drops, heart rate tends to increase and the blood flow to the brain slows down. All this can make you feel, tired. Even the lack of water in your muscles can make physical tasks tiring and difficult.

Mood wrecker

Dehydration can get you cranky and irritated. A study done on 25 women showed that those who were dehydrated (just by 1%) suffered from headaches, irritability and loss of focus.


ways to ward off winter laziness- woman in blanket

Dehydration can bring on chills. This is because the body begins limiting the flow of blood to the skin. When you are dehydrated, it becomes difficult to regulate the temperature of your body and this can be the reason behind the chills even if you are not in a cold atmosphere.

Muscle cramps

muscle-cramps after workout

Muscle cramps can occur as lack of water results in less blood circulation. The body needs to protect the vital organs, so it shifts away the fluid from muscles and anything that is not important. Muscle cramps can be extremely painful. Electrolyte imbalance due to sweating can also result in cramping.


When you are low on water, your brain too gets less blood circulation and this can make you feel dizzy. Being even mildly dehydrated can affect your mental tasks and get you foggy headed.


headache- why chewing gum is bad for your health

Dehydration can cause headaches. You see, lack of water affects the serotonin levels in the body that can result in headaches. So, the next time you have a headache, drink a glass or two of water. You can also consume a fruit that has lots of water content in it (like watermelon). Doing so will make the headache vanish.

See, how bad dehydration can be for you! It would be better to keep drinking water throughout the day to keep yourself away from discomfort of any kind and to stay fit!

Stay hydrated!

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