How Do Cheat Days Affect Your Weight Loss?


How Do Cheat Days Affect Your Weight Loss?

Many people ask me if I face cravings or not. Do I cheat or not. I always answer – “Yes of course, if you believe I am human, then I do cheat and I also fall weak and give in to my cravings”. The next question I am stumble on, is usually – “But you are a weight loss blogger” . Well, more than a question this is a judgement most of the times. My usual reaction is a frosty nosed look that can make anyone freeze, huhhh!

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After multiple similar conversations with people, I realize that image of fitness folks is stereotyped. People like me are expected to behave in a certain way, for God sake we are human beings. Same goes for cheat days! People think that cheating makes us FAT. Of course NOT.

I agree the consistency is the best mantra for weight loss. But that does not mean that a person can’t have cheat days. Let me explain with 2 reasons to justify my point –

Imagine yourself eating the same way for 1 month

How would you feel following same way of eating for a month? People who follow low calorie diets give up in a week, one month is too much of a dream. People who follow low carb for living, also feel sick eating the same way for a long time.

You may have determination to keep your cravings at bay, but is it worth the effort? I say No. Its absolutely okay to have one cheat meal once a week. I have managed to have a cheat free months and the next day I went mad over food. I ate whatever came to my sight, thank God I can’t eat furniture..  oopsie ! Later I felt extremely guilty.

what to do after you overeat

Now I plan my cheat meal once a week, and that is my motivation to stick to my plan for a week. Its absolutely guilt free cheating and I love it <3

Carb cycling for weight loss

This is the logic behind cheat days for low carbers. When you eat low carb, moderate carb and on one day eat high carb – your body does not get used to your way of eating and it keeps on shedding weight. Its always advisable to cheat during breakfast or lunch, spare dinner please!

The best cheat meal would be loads of protein and healthy fats! IWB team shared their favourite cheat meal and tricks that worked, do checkout!

So you see cheat meals are absolutely necessary if you wish to keep losing weight. Weight loss is a journey , not a goal!

How frequently can you cheat?

1 meal per week is the ideal way. 2 meals per week is ok, if you are absolutely stringent rest of the week. Both these options will aid in weight loss. 1 cheat day per week will take you no where, you will neither gain nor lose weight. So you will end up wasting a week’s hard work.

Every day cheating, every alternate day cheating may either cause weight gain or no affect in weight. Both ways you will feel utterly frustrated.

So do fix your cheat day. A day before your cheat day, plan your cheat meal. Enjoy your food and keep losing weight 😉

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