9 Ways How Earphones Are Ruining Your Life!


9 Ways How Earphones Are Ruining Your Life!

Hello people!!!

If I tell you that headphones are actually ruining your life, will you believe me? Well if not read on!

headphones ruining lives

1) Risky while crossing the road and railway tracks

You have fancy noise cancelling headphones and are proud of it? Well, if you are wearing them and walking on the street, I am sorry to say that you are risking your life. They don’t even let the sound of car horns reach your ears. Extremely risky while crossing the road! The same risk is involved while crossing railway tracks. So many people have been run over by trains in the recent past just because of headphones plugged in to their ears.

So, stop listening to music while crossing the road and railway track. Please be a responsible pedestrian.

2) You get ear infection by sharing ear phones

It seems cute to share your earphones. Listening to music together is great for those in love but let me tell you that you are plainly transferring germs that cause ear-infections. When you borrow someone’s headphones, you are borrowing the germs too that can give you painful ears. Remember to sanitize your headphone by at least cleaning it with a tissue paper before plugging it in.

sharing earphones affects health

3) Ear infections due to not changing headphone sponges

It is advised that you change the sponge cover or rubber cover of your ear phone every two months because over time they get covered with bacteria. For hygiene it is essential that you keep changing covers.

4) Don’t play loud music

Playing loud music can lead to Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) and this can give you temporary or permanent loss of hearing. It is therefore advised that you keep your music low on the earphones or instead listen to it through speakers.

5) Take breaks from your headphone

If you listen to music constantly on the earphone without taking a break, you might end up with hearing loss. It is advisable to take 5 min break after every one hour of headphone usage.

6) Don’t use in-ear headphones

You must have seen secret agents in movies wear sleek and invisible headphones that goes into the ear canal directly. These can cause harm to your eardrums and can result in hearing loss.

7) Listening to loud music can cause dizziness

Exposure to loud music can cause dizziness or vertigo. Listeners suffer from vertigo due to the pressure caused by the loud noise.

headphones ruining lives 2

8) It distracts you

Studies have shown that those who listen to music while working or studying are unable to focus properly. It actually can be a huge distraction. The songs you listen to can drift away your mind from work making you concentrate less, thus affecting your productivity.

9) Don’t listen to music while running

Ideally you should hear the sound of your feet hitting the ground when you are working out and nothing else. Using headphones while running outdoors can distract you, which can be dangerous. If you don’t happen to be using wireless headphones, it is possible that the cords interfere with your movements while running.

Avoid earphone usage!



Hope this post has been useful!

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