How Eating Food On Banana Leaf Is Beneficial?


How Eating Food On Banana Leaf Is Beneficial?

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Ever attended a south Indian wedding? You must have never forgotten the food experience. After all a marriage is judged not by the music, not by the decoration but by the food offered! Right?? So back to the south Indian wedding, you were served food on a banana leaf! If this was the first time you relished food on a leaf, it must have been an unforgettable experience.

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Let me tell you that this practice has been going on since thousands of years. South Indians don’t eat on a banana leaf every day but on special occasions, it is a custom to serve the guests on a banana leaf. Though this practice may be ancient, it holds good till date.

Let us see why you should eat on a banana leaf instead of a plate made of any other substance.

Eating on a banana leaf is healthy

Banana leaves have lots of plant based polyphenols that are present in green tea. Polyphenols are antioxidants that fight the damage caused by free radicals and this way prevent a lot of diseases. You see, you cannot digest a banana leaf if you happen to eat it directly. When hot food is served on the leaf, the food is known to absorb the polyphenols present in the leaves and this lets the powerful polyphenols enter your system and fight free radicals.

There is also a belief that the banana leaf possesses anti-bacterial properties that kills the germs in the food thus reducing your chances of falling sick.

It adds flavour to the food

The waxy coating of banana leaves has a subtly distinct flavour. As soon as hot food is served on the leaf, the wax starts melting and provides a vivid taste to the food. It actually makes the meal taste much better. Isn’t that amazing?

Banana leaves are eco-friendly

Whenever we require disposable plates we use plastic plates or those made from Styrofoam. Compared to those banana leaves are a good option as it is eco-friendly. After the function the leaves can be fed to the cows or left to degrade. They degrade pretty quickly unlike plastic that takes hundreds of years to get degraded. So, one plastic plate will take an entire human lifetime to degrade whereas a banana leaf will hardly take much time to get degraded!

How eating food on banana leaf is beneficial

Banana leaves are hygienic

You need not focus much on the cleaning of the banana leaf as you just need to rinse it with a little water and it is ready for a tasty meal! If you feel that the place from where you’re eating isn’t that hygienic, let me tell you that it is better to eat from a banana leaf than from a plate that hasn’t been cleaned properly.

Banana leaves are chemical free

Plates are washed with chemical loaded soaps and so some amount of traces of the chemicals will remain on the plates that contaminate your food. Banana leaves are just rinsed with water. You don’t require a soap, this makes your food chemical free.

Using banana leaves is practical

The leaf is quite large and is capable of holding one complete meal. Being leak proof due to the waxy coating, they can hold gravies without them getting soggy.

So, the next time you attend a south Indian wedding enjoy the food on the banana leaf because it is healthy!

Hope this post on the benefits of eating on a banana leaf was useful!

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