How Eggs Have Helped Me In Losing Weight?


How Eggs Have Helped Me In Losing Weight?

Heya People,

Long time no see 🙁  . Missing to write a day seems like ages to me. Anyway, I’l stop ranting here 😛 . I went home for two weeks almost a month back and came back piling 2 kgs. Then the festivities and new year followed n I was in no mood to hurry and shed the weight I gained. Since now all pomp and show is over, your truly is back to slogging 😀

Although I have bragged about eggs a lot of times earlier, I still thought I could brag more 😉 . Eggs are indeed the healthiest food ever! I won’t go to reasons, we have discussed that numerous times before.

eggs nutritious weight reduce

I wish to discuss How Eggs Have Helped Me In Losing Weight !

1. Eggs are so versatile. I practically put 2 eggs in my leftover sabzi and it becomes a full meal. This is when I am starving, my head isn’t working and I am just about to commit a crime of eating some crap.

2. When I am rushing for office and am as usual late, I glance at bread. Then settle with an egg fry in 1 tsp of butter. It takes less than 2 mins, and practically 1/10th the time of maggi 😛

Poached Egg

3. When I have no time to stand in the kitchen and am extremely late , thoughts like “will have breakfast in office” take over. Breakfast in office cafeteria means I am screwed and my weight will shoot up like rocket. So now, I keep 3 eggs for boiling , meanwhile I take bath. See how intelligent of me 😛

4. You can store eggs for long unless temperature at your place is 50 degrees Celsius. Most of India is freezing with cold, eggs are great to keep you warm.

5. I have bought eggs at the tiniest , most shabbiest looking shops at odd times. So next time when you make an excuse of no grocery, lets settle with maggi – think again!

I am eating 4-6 eggs nowadays. Have lost 1.4 kgs out of the 2 kgs gained in the last 3 days only by eating a lot of eggs and preventing myself from eating not so healthy things.

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Last thing, keep vinegar, soya sauce, oregano and other things that you make like. These can help taste same eggs taste different every time you eat eggs. You won’t get bored ! So eating eggs everyday, can’t be a boredom issue. You may need to find a better excuse to avoid eggs!

People who eat egg whites, please don’t ditch the yolk. The yolk has healthiest fats and helps to keep ooh so full that you won’t binge soon. BTW, no eggs don’t cause cholesterol. Cholesterol is such a negative word, we don’t even realise that if there were no good cholesterol, we wouldn’t even exist. Eggs have good cholesterol, when you eat excess cholesterol, your liver actually stops cholesterol production and its a great sign. It means you are improving your health! So please don’t throw away the yolk.

So practically, for people who are always short of time like me, who are always running like me and are a little crazy like me, eggs are your Savior!

Happy eating!



Do you enjoy eating eggs?

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