How Garlic Helps In Fighting Cold?

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How Garlic Helps In Fighting Cold?

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away! But has anyone told you that garlic a day keeps colds away? Yes, garlic can ward off colds. However, the stench it leaves behind is terrible (raw garlic). You get a bad breath and the smell lingers in your sweat and urine as well. But if it can treat your cold, I guess it is worth all the trouble 😉

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People who consume garlic supplement are less likely to suffer from common cold in comparison to those who don’t consume garlic and this has been proved by research.

Traditionally garlic has been in use to fight and treat common cold but now even studies have provided solid evidence of the medicinal properties of garlic. However, more research is needed in this regard.

The study that was conducted found that consuming a garlic supplement containing allicin on a daily basis reduced the risk of catching cold by more than 50%. Allicin is a purified compound of garlic that is considered the main bio-active agent produced by the garlic plant.

The experiment

The experiment involved 146 volunteers in total. Half of the volunteers consumed a capsule of an allicin-containing garlic supplement called Allimax every day and the remaining numbers of the volunteers were given a placebo. The study was carried out for a period of 90 days that too during winters when most people catch cold. Only 24 colds were recorded amongst the volunteers who were on the supplements whereas those on a placebo had recorded 65 colds.

It was also found that the people who were taking the supplements and got cold witnessed a speedy recovery when compared to those who were taking a placebo and the supplement consuming group had a reduced chance of re-infection.

The research’s results can possibly revolutionize the future treatments of common cold. The head researcher said that there has been a search for the cure of common cold for a long time now. He says that they have finally found it and gone a step ahead by finding its prevention too!! He says that common cold is something that affects almost everyone each year. Helping people preventing catching a cold by consumption of garlic can be really beneficial.

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Encouraging outcome

The common cold centre’s director at Cardiff University feels that it is a very encouraging result. He says that this may not revolutionize the treatment of common cold but it is really very interesting. He adds that plants don’t have a immune system like how we humans have; they have the ability to fight infections due to chemicals present in them. The chemicals defend infections. Allicin is one of the chemical defences of garlic that help in keeping the plant healthy.

The study has used the plant’s natural defence in order to fight the viruses that attack us humans.

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The common cold is known to be the most widespread infection in the whole world. It is a viral infection that affects each individual at least 2 to 5 times a year. There are more than 200 varieties of viruses that cause a cold. There is nothing more nagging than a cold! You feel droopy, your eyes water and your nose runs! In a nutshell, it makes you feel terrible!

It is good that finally the way to prevent common cold has been found and that too in a humble little garlic clove.

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