How Getting Up Early Increased My Productivity?


How Getting Up Early Increased My Productivity?

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Happy Weekend 🙂 What are your plans for the weekend? I want to sleep till late for once  ; no one wants to get up early during weekends. But but but, my body clock is so dam* stick at 7 am now, no matter how late I sleep at night, I can’t sleep beyond 7am. I discussed funny things that happen to you when you start becoming health conscious, check out here.

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Waking up early was never in my genes, I have been sleeping late at night since eternity. I remember that during childhood I used to finish my revision for exams in the night and sleep off only to get ready and go in the morning. My brother on the other hand woke up at 3 or 4 am for revision. I used to sleep at 2am and he would wake up at 3am. I can’t sleep with lights on and since we shared our room, morning when he used to wake up, I always screamed – “light band karo” lol.

But I can’t be what I was 10 years back, not anymore. Age may be a number for a few, applies to me only for having fun. As far as health is concerned, I firmly believe that I can’t – eat junk and not get fat , skip 500 times just like that, walk 10 kms a day talking all the way etc etc like 10 years ago. Wait, am I saying ageing is unavoidable? Hell NO! Human body can be transformed in a way you like, you just need the will and effort. Defying age, retaining your fitness level is possible, but only when you make a conscious and consistent effort for it.

Since the past 1 month, I have started getting up between 6:45-7am and its was too early as per my standards 😛 . My team in office works from 9-5pm and hence I have no choice but to reach office maximum by 9:30 am.

Below are some of the changes that I have felt in my life after adapting the habit of getting up early –

I don’t wake up in panic mode. 4 out of 5 days I used to wake up with one single sigh – ooh shi* I am late.

2 out of 5 days I just carried a fruit which I could eat while travelling or 2 boiled eggs would make my breakfast. Now I ensure I eat well during breakfast which keeps my energy levels high and I work more, get more work done in office.

When I wake up, I have the time to look out of my balcony, breathe fresh air, sip hot tea while admiring beautiful Bangalore weather. Life becomes a race for most of us and we fail to experience small moments of happiness that comes our way. I feel so alive in the morning, love it!

I have an hour and a half, all to myself in the morning. I use this time for IWB, replying to emails, writing posts, managing writers etc. The same work I used to do in not less than 3 hours during evening after office. It’s because I am tired by evening and I don’t have the same amount of energy anymore.

I get time to think and plan my work. This is the biggest difference getting up early has made to my life.

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I get good sleep although I am a very light sleeper. I sleep off by 10-10:30 am, which ensures that I get good 8 hours to sleep. Sleeping well is much understated, people don’t give importance to sleep. Sleeping ensures that your body recovers well and gears up for next day. If that doesn’t happen, you are tired next day and fail to do all the work you got to do.

I waste very less time doing unimportant things. During evening while working for IWB, I spent a lot of time watching YouTube videos, surfing net, Facebook (not blog work) etc. It was because I just could not concentrate on work and was distracted every 15 minutes because of fatigue.

Since I finish all IWB work and job by 6pm, I still have time to relax, prepare for next day and workout too. I have no excuses not to workout, not anymore!

Do you share similar experience as mine about getting up early? Do share with us.

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