How Healthy Is Granola?


How Healthy Is Granola?

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Granola is quite a rage! Have you tried a bowl of it? For those who are new to it, let me tell you that it is a kind of breakfast cereal that consists of whole grain oats, dried fruits and nuts. The oats are slightly roasted with a little oil and sweetener to give the cereal a crunchy texture. There is a huge variety when it comes to granola. Some of them have more fat, sugar, protein or calories and all this depends on the ingredients of granola. Granola has made its way to most Indian breakfast tables. It is a tasty way of staying healthy after all!! Hop on to find out how beneficial it is.

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Contains fibre

Nuts and whole grain oats are the 2 main ingredients found in most granola and they both contain dietary fibre. A 1/3rd cup of granola will provide you with about 4 g of fibre. Even though it doesn’t get digested by the body, it helps regulate digestion and also prevents constipation. The fibre content helps in controlling blood sugar and makes you feel full after eating. So, when you feel less hungry you will be able to cut calories from your daily intake. The soluble fibre present in oats is great for lowering the levels of bad cholesterol. The soluble fibre binds to cholesterol containing bile acids and helps in its removal from your body.

Helps in providing beneficial fats

Granola is a wonderful source of healthy fats as it contains seeds, nuts and oils. A single serving of granola give about 4 g of monounsaturated fats and 4 g of polyunsaturated fats. The two kinds of fats help in lowering blood pressure as well as blood cholesterol and reduce inflammation. These effects are helpful in preventing or managing diabetes, cancer, heart disease and inflammatory conditions. Granola also has omega 3 fatty acids that are essential for the functioning of the brain.

Supplies vitamins

Granola is a whole grain food that has more vitamins and minerals when compared to refines cereals. Vitamin E, folate and thiamin are found in abundance in granola. You get the vitamin E from nuts, seeds and oils present in granola. It also acts as an antioxidant in your body and protects from free-radical damage. It has an essential role to play in the upkeep of the health of the skin, nervous system and heart. B vitamins like thiamine and folate help in energy metabolism, cell growth, function of the nerves and prevention of birth defects.

how healthy is granola

Contains lots of minerals

Granola is known to contain almost all the minerals that are crucial to your health. The list includes magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, copper, selenium and manganese. Magnesium plays a key role in more than 300 enzyme reactions in the body that include production of energy, use of calcium and maintenance of healthy bones. The mineral phosphorus aids in maintaining acid-base balance of the body and in producing proteins. The other minerals such as selenium, zinc, manganese and copper are needed in small amounts. However, they are essential in the formation of connective tissues, bones and red blood cells. The minerals help in maintaining a healthy immune system, healthy nervous and cardiovascular system along with aiding the regulation of the thyroid gland.

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