How Homeopathy Saved Me From Surgery?


How Homeopathy Saved Me From Surgery?

Hello All!!!

I am here to share a true life story of mine. Well, this takes me back in time when I was in class 12. The month was February and I had my board exams in April! Phew! I used to get throat infection almost every month and used to take antibiotics. That killed my appetite and I used to eat very less. Back then I was a skeleton and not eating properly further worsened my condition. Doctors used to mercilessly prescribe antibiotics each time but once one doctor saw my throat properly and said that I suffer from septic tonsils and need to show it to the specialist.

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So, we went to the specialist in a reputed hospital. He saw my throat with a torch that had a camera and displayed the image on a bigger screen! Technology I tell you! First I thought he is going to put that wired thingy into my throat and I just turned my face away 😛 but later I understood that it is just a camera cum torch. He said that I had septic tonsils and the way to resolve the issue was by getting them removed. He simply said “Let us knock them off!”, I was totally perplexed. The very thought of a surgery brought tears into my eyes and I was crying in the doctor’s cabin. With me were my ever supportive parents. My mother slowly whispered into my ear that we’ll go in for homeopathic treatment. Those words were such a relief!

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So, we happened to go to our trusted homeopathic doctor and he said with conviction that there is no need for surgery and the condition can be cured with homeopathic medicines. He gave me medicines for a month and asked me to come for a review as soon as my medicines got over. What a relief it was! I wasn’t gobbling down bitter and evil looking antibiotics but sweet homeopathic pills. He had even given me drops that had to be consumed after diluting with water. I didn’t get throat infection that month and paid a visit to him. He checked my throat and told me that there was an improvement. It was a great feeling.

So, for 2 months I was on homeopathic medicine and I was cured of septic tonsils! I wrote my board exams well without falling sick! I asked the doctor to give me another month’s medicine so that I am totally cured and no relapse occurs. I took homeo medicines for 3 months and my throat was perfectly alright by then.

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Thanks to homeopathy I didn’t have to go under the knife. This makes me think that there might be so many medical conditions that cannot be cured by English medicines but can be treated by homeopathy. Well, I guess everyone should try homeopathy to get cured of even common illnesses. It doesn’t have side effects and is safe! It has always worked for me! Till date if I have fever or an upset stomach, I rush to the homeopathic doctor for treatment. And touch wood, each time I get cured!

Have you too chosen homeopathy at some point of your life? Do share it with us in the comment section!

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