How Hot Bath Helps When You Are Tired?


How Hot Bath Helps When You Are Tired?

Heya Beautiful people,

I sooooooooooooo missed you all! I have been slogging day and night on an office tour. Finally back from Mumbai to my place Bangalore. I had such a hectic week that I haven’t slept for more than 5 hours starting last Thursday. 8 days at a stretch, no weekends, working more than 14 hours a day has made me sick! Really sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

In the past one week, staying in a hotel I realized that staying at home is such a bliss. BTW this is a pic of my room, sorry about the pic quality, I clicked at night, phew !

How Hot Bath Helps When You Are Tired

No matter if your maid runs away, no matter your neighbor argues with you, nothing beats the comfort of your home. I hope Anamika is reading this 😉

In these 7 days, I realized that when we live at home, we take so many small things for granted that actually makes our life easy. I missed having freshly brewed tea a lotttt! I am so sick of outside food that I don’t want to dine out at least for a month! I never paid attention to hot water bath…  not until I am aching after workout or suffering from cold.

After coming from office this week, I made sure that I took hot bath. I stepped out of my house at 8 am and entered not before 10 pm every single day. First day I had to push my self to take a bath at night. Rest of the days, I yearned to take a bath.


Usually when you are extremely tired, either you would sleep off immediately or you won’t be able to sleep at all since you are so active, you don’t feel peaceful. Hot bath helps you to sleep like a baby when you are tired. I realised I never thought that hot bath is a luxury, I did feel its importance this week.

Some of the benefits that hot bath gives when you are tired –

-It will help you to sleep really well

-You will get up fresh irrespective of how tired you were,the previous day

-You will be able to keep your energy levels up the next day, until you call your day off

-If you are staying in a humid place like Mumbai, you won’t stink when you wake up 😛 . I am sure people from Chennai would say Mumbai is not humid 😉

-Slight body ache that you feel when you work you a** off, will vanish with hot water bath!

-My skin felt better after moisturizing post a hot shower!

I can go on and on! But the point is, feel blessed that you have a comfortable life. After this stay, I will definitely appreciate my shower more 😉

Live life , Love life !



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