How I Gained So Much Weight | My Journey

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How I Gained So Much Weight |

My Journey

Helloooooooooo Everyone

I am sooooooooooo sorry for being away for a day and slow in my response. I have shifted to a new apartment with no internet. Phew, have been managing to run the shore somehow.

I have a few updates about my weight loss journey which I wanted to share with you. By now, you all know that I had put on 10 kgs during the last year. Despite working out and dieting, I was not able to shed weight although it became stable unlike before when I would see my weight climbing mountains without any logical reasons . I was super pissed about it.

How I Gained So Much Weight

I know that Anemia is one reason for such massive weight gain in a short stint but somehow I felt this is not goo enough a reason. So, I decided to seek help ! I consulted a nutritionist and underwent all the tests. If you are gaining weight and you don’t know why , read the possible associated reasons here and the medical tests to be done here.

I don’t want to scare you or demotivate you with this post but I don’t want anyone to make the same mistakes that I did. Below are some of the reasons – How I Gained So Much Weight


I checked my thyroid level last year and never expected it to turn out a devil for me. This time my TSH level was up and I repent why I did not get it checked earlier. So, officially this is one reason How I Gained So Much Weight.

Vitamin B and D deficiency

These are other two deficiencies that have come up in my tests. Vitamin B governs a lot of functions and Vitamin D is responsible for iron absorption. Vitamin B deficiency is common in vegetarians for this is present mostly in organs/flesh. Vitamin D deficiency is common in Indians since melanin is high in our skin and due to wheatish complexion, we are not able to absorb Vitamin D from sunlight. We choose to ignore such deficiencies, after all they are no diseases. But hello, they will deny you a healthy body that you deserve.


I think of pizza , pasta and maggi when I am stressed out. I started working out and stopped eating junk too but no relief. I was under extreme stress for some personal reasons for last 10 months and hence my hormones kept dancing and making me Fatttttttt 🙁

Sedentary Lifestyle

Ooooh I am sooooooo lazy or I don’t feel like doing anything , exactly the same definition of sedentary lifestyle.

My reasons of putting on weight may sound unusual to you but majority of the times, we chose to ignore these issues. I am sure you all would benefit a bit from this post. In my next posts, I will share what changes I have made to my diet, how I am taking care of thyroid and other deficiencies , my workouts –  my start towards a healthy life !

Take Care !


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