How I gained weight due to PCOS?


How I gained weight due to PCOS?

Hii all,

You might have read my weight loss story I had shared, how I had lost a good amount of weight in 2013. I was hoping to have a similar victory in 2014, and hence had taken a Bikini challenge.

However nothing of that happened with respect to my weight instead of losing, I rather landed up gaining 8 kgs. Yes 8 kgs. :’(

Let me tell you what exactly went wrong so hear out my story of how I gained weight due to PCOS.

I continued eating clean and focusing on my workouts, I noticed I wasn’t losing even 100gms of weight; I kept trying with different workouts hoping that may be I have hit a plateau and hence body not responding.

Hence instead of running I started cycling. And I started weight training, which earlier I wasn’t doing, hoping that now my body would start losing at least some weight. But none of that happened; rather whenever I would cheat my body would land up gaining more weight.

My battle now begun to just maintain whatever weight I have lost. Losing more now seemed like a distant dream.

In between this phase I started getting a lot of Facial hair; also I noticed my hair really started to thin around the crown. So I consulted a dermatologist who kept me on some treatment to thicken my hair.

I continued with my struggle of maintaining my weight, during this phase I suddenly started getting acne on my face, I always had a clear skin, even during my teenage days I did not have a spot, I assumed its some regular outbreak and ignored it. But later it started getting worst; it had spread to my complete cheeks. I have shared my picture,(please don’t laugh)

How I gained weight due to PCOS

I again approached my dermatologist who initially assumed it’s just a regular outbreak and gave me some treatment, lots of people I met kept giving me advices, and I was so desperate for help, that I religiously started following all, like eating high fiber, more green leafy vegetable, having safi, rubbing lime on my face, but nothing worked. 🙁 After a month when instead of reducing, the acne spread more. I got so frustrated that I stopped working out completely ignoring my diet, I occasionally even started binge drinking. And as a result I gained 6kgs in 2 weeks.

It’s around this time I felt something is horribly wrong with me; it’s beyond just eating right.

I went to my dermatologist who suggested me to get uterus sonography and hormonal tests done.

And then the tests reports confirmed that I have PCOS. I consulted my gynecologists immediately, who explained me what are the symptoms of PCOS person. And in my case I have since I had a very high free testosterone.

The general symptoms are-

  • Facial hair
  • Acne
  • Weight gain
  • Hair thinning.

I just realized that my body had started giving me the signals earlier itself, but I kept ignoring. If only I was well informed or rather paying attention I would have prevented the damage earlier itself. I wouldn’t have gained the 8kgs.

Below is my weight gain in the picture of mine that I have gained in just 1 month.

How I gained weight due to PCOS 2- swati

Nevertheless the damage was done. I realized no point crying over spilled milk. I decided to take actions.

I am currently being medicated for it, I have been told strictly to follow low carb high protein diet and to avoid sugar, as diet and PCOS go hand in hand. And I am sure like Anamika and Tarun I will be PCOS free too soon.

My point is sometimes our body gives signal; it’s for us to pay attention to it. So next time keep a check if anything abnormal starts happening.

Stay attentive. Stay healthy.

Are you too suffering from PCOS?