How I Lost 30 Pounds Without Dieting And Kept It Off


How I Lost 30 Pounds Without Dieting And Kept It Off

If you’ve read my last post, you must probably be looking forward to reading a fanatic approach to weight loss by a girl who was “so much in need of it.” Well I need to tell you that I, on the contrary, took it EASY! As I said before, I told myself that there wasn’t any hurry and that I was answerable to no one. And then, I kept telling myself that – “FROM NOW ON, YOU WILL EITHER LOSE WEIGHT OR STAY HERE, BUT YOU WILL NEVER GAIN.” This approach eased me off and there was no pressure of finding instant results (like most of us are prone to expect while being in a weight loss program.)

Back then, I had read this book called “French women don’t get fat” and was greatly inspired by it. Mireille Guiliano basically teaches you how the French women regularly enjoy three course meals, eat breads and pastries and drink wine, while staying their thinnest best. How? By eating in small portions and learning to be content with it. While I took the advice whole heartedly, I had completely bid goodbye to chocolates and pastries, since my situation was quite alarming.

My routine

  • I would wake up in the morning – around 8 am (or even 11 am, when my classes were late) and have a cup of warm water with the best aloe vera-neem juice in the market available, and another cup of warm lemon water with honey.
  • Before leaving for the classes, I would have 30 to 40 gm to muesli with cold milk (that’s the way I liked it).
  • I would carry a fruit in my bag, just in case I get hungry before lunch.
  • By 1 pm, my stomach would urge for another feeding session and I used to tease it to no end till it was absolutely necessary for me to eat. So at around 2 pm, while my friends would have their everyday burgers and pastas, I would order for either a plain dosa, or idly. I gave myself the liberty to have a toffee once in a while, or two sips of coke.
  • For the evening (at around 7), I made a multigrain sandwich with lots of cucumbers, tomatoes and capsicum in it, using the regular sandwich spread.
  • I even used to make vegetable dalia. (my friends loved it so much that I had to get shameful and tell them not to pounce on my food.)
  • After teaching the 8th grader, I would run for forty five minutes to an hour (from around 8:30 to 9:30) in the nearby park. I never walked, and only ran, stopping after every round to catch a breath. It was amazing how much stamina I had gained in just one week.
  • By the time I was back, I could not help but have my meal. So by 10:15 pm, me and my roommate talked and leisurely had food together. While she would concentrate on rice, I would strictly have chapatti and sabzi. I chucked pickle (even though I so loved it). We would walk, talk and laugh, like students do and sleep around 12 pm -1 am.

This picture was taken in January when I had come down to around 74 kgs. Miss this time so much!

varalika pic

Never be hard on yourself

Simple! I wasn’t really hard on myself at all, except that I kept a heavy tab on sweets and oily food and was quite strict about it. I must admit that routines are not easy to maintain. So the idly and dosa would also sometimes turn into fried rice – but then, as the book taught me, I would only have a little bowl of it. Again, my diary in which I would feed everything, including the little toffee I had, was a beacon of reality. My aim was to run at least 3-4 times a week, if not every day, because my diet was strict and nutritious. My intake of fruits, juices, soups, veggies was high and it slowly showed on my skin and health. The calorie intake, on an average was 1000 to 1200 per day.

And so, while in the first week only I had lost an amazing 1.5 kgs, it became harder when my weighing machine started going lower than 71 kgs. From November end to April mid, I had lost 13 kgs and came down to my usual 67 kgs. However, I looked better than the last time I weighed the same – obviously because this time, I was healthier and fitter due to exercise. My periods got regular and I did not need drugs to keep my hormones going.

varalika after

And Woah! That’s a 68 kg me in Goa on a college trip during March.

varalika 68 kg

Since I personally felt happy with my weight, I stopped at that point and two years after, I still continue to look the same. Nevertheless, now is the time I aim to get to a 60 kg avatar. I will post my success story when I reach 63 kg, and let you all know how I look. Till then, don’t miss the new recipes I share, that will put your pizza eating friends to shame and other such healthy fun information. Also, I plan to share how I managed to MAINTAIN myself and not pick up the horrendous weight again.


Hope you find the tips I shared in this post interesting !

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