How I Lost Weight By Running


How I Lost Weight By Running

And this is how it started…

Since childhood I have been a pampered and chubby kid. And I remained like that for many years, until during teenage I started pilling on like crazy. Though I kept myself active with various activities like swimming, yoga, gym, spinning, zumba, Pilates at various point of my life and even though I would lose weight, I would successfully manage to gain all up. And kept gaining till the machine screamed 120Kgs as on 15th July, 2012..

  How I Lost Weight By Running

I know.. That’s a crazy weight to carry around. And I decided it’s time I take some serious action, around the same time of the year, I came across a friend who ran Half-Marathon, and I decided that I would too run 21kms for the Standard Chartered Marathon January 2013. And its around that time I tried something which I never thought I would ever do. That is I started to RUN..

I know carrying 120kgs and running is a task, people would laugh whenever I would make any attempts to run, though I could run not more than 30secs in start.. I knew it’s the toddler step I need to take to be able to run 21kms. I continued with improving on my walking as well as running, and I was showing good signs of improvements too, but I wasn’t regular with my diet, and when I stepped on the weighing scale again on December 2012 I weighed 119kgs, merely 1 kg loss, against all the running I have been doing there was no really substantial effect.

It’s around this time I was introduced to a brilliant dietician who gave me a diet for next 3 months; and along with her diet, I had to religiously ensure that I walk 90mins a day, no matter what, though she insisted it’s not a diet it’s something which has to become a part of my lifestyle.

And bang, following that diet religiously for next 3 months I lost 17kgs.. Yes guys just that diet and my regular running and walking, as my dietitian is not easily available I get to meet her just once in 3-4months, just those meetings and with moderate changes in diet and running three 21kms Marathons I weighed 79kgs as on December 2013, I know the weight loss is tremendous, but that happened as I weighed also a lot (it’s always easier to lose the water weight)

How I lost weight by running jogging


How I lost weight by running walking

I still have a target set by my dietitian to come to 64kgs for my height (5’5) and would gladly share my journey towards losing the last 15kgs as well as how I lost the past weight in next posts.

So stay tuned, and stay healthy and yeahhh keep running 🙂

Swati, Welcome to IWB 🙂 – Luv Tarun