How I Lost Weight By Running


How I Lost Weight By Running

And this is how it started…

Since childhood I have been a pampered and chubby kid. And I remained like that for many years, until during teenage I started pilling on like crazy. Though I kept myself active with various activities like swimming, yoga, gym, spinning, zumba, Pilates at various point of my life and even though I would lose weight, I would successfully manage to gain all up. And kept gaining till the machine screamed 120Kgs as on 15th July, 2012..

  How I Lost Weight By Running

I know.. That’s a crazy weight to carry around. And I decided it’s time I take some serious action, around the same time of the year, I came across a friend who ran Half-Marathon, and I decided that I would too run 21kms for the Standard Chartered Marathon January 2013. And its around that time I tried something which I never thought I would ever do. That is I started to RUN..

I know carrying 120kgs and running is a task, people would laugh whenever I would make any attempts to run, though I could run not more than 30secs in start.. I knew it’s the toddler step I need to take to be able to run 21kms. I continued with improving on my walking as well as running, and I was showing good signs of improvements too, but I wasn’t regular with my diet, and when I stepped on the weighing scale again on December 2012 I weighed 119kgs, merely 1 kg loss, against all the running I have been doing there was no really substantial effect.

It’s around this time I was introduced to a brilliant dietician who gave me a diet for next 3 months; and along with her diet, I had to religiously ensure that I walk 90mins a day, no matter what, though she insisted it’s not a diet it’s something which has to become a part of my lifestyle.

And bang, following that diet religiously for next 3 months I lost 17kgs.. Yes guys just that diet and my regular running and walking, as my dietitian is not easily available I get to meet her just once in 3-4months, just those meetings and with moderate changes in diet and running three 21kms Marathons I weighed 79kgs as on December 2013, I know the weight loss is tremendous, but that happened as I weighed also a lot (it’s always easier to lose the water weight)

How I lost weight by running jogging


How I lost weight by running walking

I still have a target set by my dietitian to come to 64kgs for my height (5’5) and would gladly share my journey towards losing the last 15kgs as well as how I lost the past weight in next posts.

So stay tuned, and stay healthy and yeahhh keep running 🙂

Swati, Welcome to IWB 🙂 – Luv Tarun


  1. Hi Swati,

    Also please share the diet you followed for those 3 months, so that it will be helpful.


  2. Wat a transformation swati. Kudos to u gal. Keep sharing your next 15 kg journey. Do u mind sharing ur diet plan?

  3. Swati this is so impressive. Love your motivation and strong will. You look beautiful :* please write more 🙂

  4. Ur an inspiration to everyone who reads this fat or thin.Superb Job with wat u have done for ur self. Please share ur diet chart if u can 🙂

  5. Hii Shrina,
    Yes i have lots of stretch marks and lots got avoided as my dietitian suggested me to get twice a week massage done with olive oil. and those which i have now is getting lightened by using Bio-oil and regular yoga.. and i have been assured by my dermatologist that it will lighten down considerably.

  6. I am currently on a very similar path Swati we do share a lot in common, I have always underestimated walking for weight loss, its time I take it seriously. will stay tuned for more posts from u girl u have come a really long way , u are truly very inspiring to me, will be looking forward to ur miracle diet plan :))

  7. hey.. am a lazy girl who hates exercising. i just about force myself to gym and do yoga every day. just a question all your weight loss has been thru running/walking only ? and where they any pattern of interval running and walking that you followed v? please do share as i am stagnant in weight loss for a while and need something to change in my routine.

  8. hii Dhara, yes the benefits of walking is just enormous, would request that whenever you walk, you try to walk for 90mins, as 90mins is what its takes to start the fat loss.

  9. hii Vrinda, yes majorly walking and running and also power yoga. and yes i followed a pattern in running which i will share in my coming posts, it basically compromises of slow runs, High intensity running, slope training, long runs and cross trainings. and ensure that whatever you do, you follow for at-least 3months.

  10. Thanks a lot for clearing the doubt, I will do the same from next time at a stretch and not divide it to twice a day :))

  11. WOW , You are an inspiration for me Swati. I got tears in my eyes when I read your post as I am too struggling with weight loss. I would love to read more by you about your weight loss journey. I lost 5 kgs within 2 months of my job but now I stay at home whole day with minimal activity. I need to shed at least 20 kgs.
    Dear, Can please I contact you anywhere regarding the same?

  12. sorry my bad.. i agree 20mins to start the fat loss but to have an optimum loss 1 must do 90mins..

  13. hii Madhu, sure u will lose a good 10kgs if you follow the diet in my next post and try walking for 90mins for at least next 3 months.. my mother also followed the same diet, she lost 9kgs in 3months.. you can contact me anytime, my mail id is

  14. Hi swathi amazing job,kudos to your determination……you have lost lot of weight and you look amazing…..i have lot of stretch marks from my pregnancies have used bio oil but was not consistent ….how often do you apply it in a day and do you spend some time to massage it if so how long.?

    Waiting for more articles from you,

  15. Good Going Swati.
    Were all proud of you. Ive seen what youve transformed yourself into and I wish you the very best for your target.
    Kick Ass.

  16. Yes my dermat suggested bio-oil, yes yoga helped me a lot, mostly in toning, as u get more toned your skin gets it gets more tightened and resulting in lightning of those stretch marks.

  17. Hey swati….I have been in awe ever since I saw your amazing transformation…keep it going….what u have achieved will inspire people to accomplish anything that they set their mind to and also by emulating the tremendous determination displayed by you to reach here…

  18. OMG !! what a drastic change. kudos to you girl !!!
    what a determination. very motivating post.
    would love to know about your diet plan ..
    all the very best dear

  19. Hey
    actually I m new to this site but wanted to ask some question as I see lot of knowledgeable people here

    My weight is somewhere around 82 and height is 5.2.. extremely sedentary.But I dont each much, hardly anything outside, my mom says that I hav a bird’s stomach. So please tell me about exercises that I can do at home as no diet works for me.
    And I have target to reach 65 by year end. Is that possible?

  20. Hii Shravya,
    Even though you may eat less, there might things that you may be eating wrong, also the timings matter. secondly Your exercises, Evaluate what is missing, that resulting in your weight.
    I have learnt in a hard way, don’t go on Numbers coz that can drive you crazy, ensure that you follow a good diet and an healthy exercise regime, and i am sure you would look as well as feel great by end of the year. And that weight loss will definitely happen.

  21. Hii Tarun,
    I am good.. Just back from a 3 week long exhaustive work trip.. Finally catching up on reading all the posts i missed.. 🙂

  22. Hii Sonia,
    There are various exercises you can read some on Wise she itself. Try Surynamaskar’s also it helps a lot for arms, tummy and thighs.

  23. get your medical tests done. Sometimes you will know the root cause of weight gain by the results.

  24. Also sonia, thighs and tummy are places where women majorly find it difficult to lose, the same is my situation. continue doing all your exercises, along with diet, m sure you will start seeing results.

  25. Hi Swati,I am very much inpspired by you.I used to do treadmill running(HIIT),and sometimes running outside.I have reduced 6 kg.recently i have been experiencing knee pain in my right leg.When i jog or do some jumping exercise my thighs pain and slight pain in knees.AM very upset as to how will i continue my weight loss.Doctor is advicing not to strain much…am worried as to how will i lose weight without my cardio..Please advice.Thanks

  26. hatsoff swati ,really appreciable ,u r an inspiration for me n don’t mind but in before pic u r really looking like an Auntie n in now amazing, same is happening with people’s have started calling me uncle especially teenagers whom i have crush ,it’s really very embarrassing ,i have lost around 12 kg weight within 4 months but now its not reducing ,i don’t know why though i am following the same diet same exercise

  27. hatsoff swati ,really appreciable ,u r an inspiration for me n don’t mind but in before pic u r really looking like an Auntie n in now amazing, same is happening with me people’s have started calling me uncle especially teenagers on whom i have crush ,it’s really very embarrassing ,i have lost around 12 kg weight within 4 months but now its not reducing ,i don’t know why though i am following the same diet same exercise

  28. Hii Aditya, thanku.. well wat do mean by following the same diet?? Does it mean something you have been eating always and because of which u have gained?? If its the same than u will not lose weight aftr a certain point, no matter how hard u gym..wld suggest u to either consult wiseshe for a good diet for you, or u can consult a nutritionist outside..or u can follow my diet too..

  29. Hi Swati need some advice on breathing during running or jogging. Please tell us how to develop stamina also . Thanks

  30. kanan sorry for the late reply, some error as i couldn’t see your comment on the page, but had it on my email.
    for running please get your self registered to this website (Christine Luff, about running and jogging) and get your self register for 30mins run, where everyday you would get a email telling you how much to run and how to run, by end of the program which spreads to a month, you will be able to run for 30mins, and that’s how you starts. its quiet easy they make you run and walk for a minute and keep increasing the same. also every 3rd or 4th day is always rest day. its a brilliant program and its free.. 🙂

  31. Thanks Swati I will surely do that … but what do you say about Couch to 5K program ?? I want to restart that from today… though will start from second or third week now as I can do a bit already… Suggest please .

  32. kanan its a brilliant program, i started running by following the same. yes you can skip the 1st 2-3weeks program, also why don’t you register for Airtel Delhi marathon and do the Great Delhi run which is 6kms on 23rd November. registering for a race and practicing for it, is a great way of keeping your self motivated. 🙂 i also plan to run Delhi Marathon.

  33. I weigh 70kgs and 25yrs old and height is 4.12″
    How much do I run for 15kg weigh loss along with my 1hr workout

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