How I Lost Weight


How I Lost Weight – By Mayuri

First of all, I am extremely excited as this is my first ever blog post. I have been an avid reader of IndianWeightLossBlog and I am extremely honored to write about my weight loss journey.

Well, first things first – I have always been a chubby girl. Though I was really thin when I was a kid, puberty messed it all for me. Ah! Imagine I could flaunt my zero figure in those awesome cocktail dresses but growing up had to bring along curves with it πŸ™ Nonetheless, I was never really comfortable with my body.

I remember getting into rigorous diets in school and college and then failing altogether. Frustration was an understatement for what I went through while growing up. I was always a foodie and staying out of home for my higher studies, increased my love for food greatly! Since I work in media, there aren’t any set work hours and my first job ensured that I stayed in the office from morning 6 am to sometimes 11 pm in the night. So, junk food and unhealthy dinners became a staple. This is how I used to look.

Β how i lost weight indian weight loss blog (1)

The turning point came when I gained almost 20kgs in two months. Stress, bad food habits, and hereditary traits induced hypothyroidism in my life (My dad has hyperthyroid, however, he is cured now). Look at the pictures below and you will understand how much I ballooned up!Β  how i lost weight indian weight loss blog (2)

I went into depression and tried to control my eating habits but again went back to the same freaking ground. I was never thin but this baggage wasn’t my destiny either. I used to be so worried about the hair fall as well. Oh god! Thyroid literally plucks out all your hair. However, I managed to shed a few kilos and weighed around 94-95 kgs during that time. Here is a pic to give you a better idea.Β how i lost weight indian weight loss blog (3)

Then in April 2013, I had an appendix operation. Post-operation, my doctor advised me to lose weight as it wouldn’t be good later on as I might develop PCOS and other problems too. It was like a warning bell. I was actually taking my health for granted for a long.

I decided it’s time to lose all that extra weight and get into shape. Since then I have lost almost 20 kgs. I weigh around 75 kgs now. I am 5’7” tall and I need to lose another 8 kilos to reach my goal – 67-68 kgs. I know it sounds easy, especially when I have lost so much. But it has become a bit difficult as I have hit my second plateau it seems (I reached my first plateau at 81 kgs).

Also, being a Bengali, the period of Durga Puja – Diwali was like a culinary carnival. I was eating out and not caring a dime about the calories. But thankfully I just piled on 1 kg post all that, which I managed to shed as well. Here is a before and after pic πŸ™‚

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A few things I did to lose weight –

1) Had extremely filling and healthy breakfast

2) Completely avoided outside food.

3) Cut out carbs from my diet for the first two three months (I can count the number of days I have had bread on my fingers)

4) Completely give up soda (Even diet sodas)

5) Did not exercise at all (Since I was operated on, I wasn’t allowed to exercise for the first few months; however I have recently started walking 20 minutes 4-5 days a week)

6) No carbs after 8 pm. (I have salad/soup and fruit for dinner. I think I will continue this habit even after I reach my ideal weight)

7) Manage my diet if eating out. (If I have food outside I make sure I compensate the same by eating extremely light days after)

8) Had loads of curd, fruits, and peanuts.

9) Healthy snacking. I live on cream cracker biscuits, Marie biscuits, peanuts, and roasted papad, corn salad, Jhal muriΒ (a Bengali specialty made with puffed rice, lemon juice, masalas, and raw veggies)

10) Completely give up vending machine coffee and tea. I have black coffee and green tea only.

Hope you liked reading my post :). Last but not the least; I have been very cruel to my body in my mind, which I regret. Now I have started respecting it. My best wishes to everyone who has embarked on this interesting and riveting journey of weight loss. It’s all in our minds. Where there is a will, there has to be a way πŸ™‚


  1. Unbelievable !!!..I’m very happy for you Mayuri..!!
    You are very lucky that you were able to lose (Huge) weight without heading to a rigorous workouts/ training..As it doesn’t work for most of us out here.. (me definitely !!). Anyways aerobics has become a part of my routine these days..wish i post my success story sooooooon..

  2. Hi Jishaa
    As you see, Mayuri has been able to do this mainly be changing her eating habits. Are you sure that you too (including many other girls here) are following your diet plans strictly ? When it comes to weight loss, workout helps only 30 %. If you are not strict with your diet, you will not see the results.
    As they aptly say “you lose weight in the kitchen, and go to the gym to keep fit”

  3. Rahul, My Diet plan is “a little bit of everything”..(My diet definitely does not include Junk and carbonated drink)..i don believe in avoiding certain kinda food completely like sweets, chocolates, biriyanis..I no..thats a draw i complement my diet with my aerobics..(i dono..correct me if i’m wrong). this gives a whole lot of satisfaction that i din spare anything for the sake of my weight loss. Meanwhile i ‘m reducing steadily..i have got few (lil more) to lose..dats a challenge with my secret diet..I say..”Challenge Accepted”

  4. Diet always holds more importance than workout. I don’t agree with consuming sweets n chocolates though. I also indulge once in a while..perhaps once a week..a lil for my taste buds but no more than that.

  5. heyyy amazing tranformation… kudos..
    m 5 4 n i weigh 64 kilos..
    guys m new to this blog plzz help me out.. i hv jus cmpyld my engineering n m gonna strt wrkng for a mnc frm march onwards.. need to lose a lot of weights..
    meko bhii formal pants n skirts pehan na hai.. helpppp..

  6. Welcome to IWB Sruthi πŸ™‚ . Start eating healthy from this minute itself. I can bet till march , you would be fitter πŸ™‚

  7. If that’s the case, you should also be as lucky as Mayuri πŸ™‚ . Luck does not bring weight loss, hard work does ! Don’t take me wrong, controlling taste buds is way more hard work than working out !

    1 little bit of sweet is 200 calories. You would take minimum 20 mins to burn the same. what would you choose ? extra workout for 20 minutes or not eating sweet ?

    i am a lazy bum, i would choose not to eat sweet rather than slogging 20 mins extra in gym.

  8. Jisha. Great that you totally avoid colas and junk (Half of the work already done :D). but sweets and chocolates are definitely not part of clean eating. For people who want to lose weight, sugar is the biggest enemy.
    It is good that at the end of the day you feel satisfied that you did not have to give up everything for weightloss.
    But for someone like me I would feel guilty that I did not do everything that I had to do to get what I want. Bigger the sacrifice, better the feeling :).
    But is it nice to know that you are gradually reaching towards your goal and you are still motivated. Otherwise many people give up after sometime :).

    Keep it up !!

  9. Very true Tarun. I Second that. Anyone can workout for an hour, but to control what goes into your plate for the next 23 hours is way more tough and makes all the difference πŸ™‚

  10. hi…am so impressed by ur weight loss,am kinda same weight,in my case i’ve PCOS and every time i lose some pounds ,these just bounce back and that makes me to quit ,its very hard for me to lose….:( but you motivated me,thought of fresh start isn’t bad πŸ™‚

  11. Hey guys thank you sooo much for your compliments and wishes. I need to lose 8 more kilos now…and somehow my weight is stuck πŸ™ hope I lose it soon and post another before and after pic πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

  12. Great Job Mayuri.. I guess we all need that one jhatka, to force us out of our unhealthy food binges.. I never liked sweets before.. but during my weight-gain days, i loved them.. it was a cycle. eat sweet-gain weight– eat sweet..

    Controlling our urges & portions is the hardest part.. these two got back my old habits of healthy eating.. now i no longer like sweets like before.. that sugary feel gives me irritation (it was like dis before) & the best part is look-good, feel-good factor..

  13. May i say you look HAWT.. you should be knowing it already.. but hey a girl can never have enough compliments..

  14. so true Anjalee πŸ™‚ . i also get a headache after eating too much carbs. That’s the way it should be !

  15. Ya Tarun & rahul..I agree with both of you.. Control over diet is a big time deal..May be i will put it this way..See, as each individual is different, this pattern (lil bit of everythg ;-)) of food works for me..and which may not be for others. Our Goal is the same.. Lets attack it in all possible ways.
    Tarun i can still give up sweets & chocolates..but not biriyanizzz..:-(

  16. Very inspiring and you look beautiful Mayuri :), in my case though workout plays more important role anyday than diet, guess everyone,s body reacts differently.

  17. Mady, Ana also had PCOS n she managed to shed weight. I am sure you can do it ! Determination is the key my friend

  18. Dhaara, i would say the percentages of diet and workout can vary. For me diet : workout is 70 : 30.
    If you say workout is more important for you, you can be a 50:50 person. But it can never be 40:60. N i can bet on it any day !
    If we could eat rasgulla n reduce, i would be the happiest πŸ™‚

    I think there is a need to revise a concept. Here it goes –
    Criticism is welcome πŸ™‚

  19. Mady..PCOS needs a life style change..i.e. both your diet & workout..I would say..follow them can have a good control over your weight. In the whole process of it, to maintain what you have achieved is all the more important

  20. Dhaara / Tarun,

    Mine is also 70: 30 – diet: workout.. During kilo-piling phase, i had lots of physical activity.. daily cycling of 1 hrs, 1 hr running, evening walk for 1 hr & yet i managed to pile on 5 kgs.. mess food is culprit. if it was not so yuckky, i wud never eat bahar ka khana.. i know i like to blame mess food for my weight gain.. πŸ˜› & also those rasgullas..

    East right.. that is the mantra..

  21. Mady, one of the reasons because of which people regain their weight is because they do not try to improve their resting metabolism.
    This link, aptly describes on how you can turn your body into a fat burning machine, even while you are sleeping.
    Among all the points I think “Fuel yourself with Protein” and “Build muscle” are least followed points by most of the girls. Try incorporating these and you will see an improvement .

    PS: for all the girls reading this, weight training does not make you look manly and muscular. It actually helps remove the lose fat around your body parts!

  22. Anjalee..Bahar ka khana is the culprit..even i have the same story as yours (our Mess food is jus ‘non edible’). At one point of time..i stopped having from outside and hence a cook was born (ya..its me)

  23. Tarun..i’m 50:50..I have my set of rules for diet & workout (which works for me)..I try not to cheat both of them..
    I strongly believe in both of them..i want to be fit & don want a take a chance on either of them.

  24. hey… i have noticed this… whenever i have a bite of sweet, pastry, halwa, chocolate… i automatically go for the second bite… and end up having 4 to 5 bites.. i just cant stop it.. the craving becomes even more after the first bite….and i reach to those uncountable bites of sugar filled stuff ….. consiously,… i mean.. i know its wrong..but still i reach out to that… it just makes the craving worse… instead am better off not taking the first bite…

  25. I agree with the 50:50 one totally, but if I make my diet healthy in any ways it does not show much, but if If I increase my workout time or intensity it does show pretty well that is the reason.

  26. hey mayuri congrts….i too lost around 5-7kgs and now my weight is stuck….either it is increasing from 69 or remaining same…tryng so hard but no use…as u too got strk wth ur weight if u putdown pls lemme know… da bst

  27. Oooohhh people am just blushing now!!! Your kind words have motivated me so so much! I plan to reach my perfect weight by March (my birthday month). I will look at this post and these comments every day to motivate myself πŸ˜› … love you guys! :*

  28. Heyy, thank you so much dear. I am currently going through the articles which Tarun posted. They are really informative. Plus I am not being harsh to my body. If it is taking time to lose the excess weight, I guess I should give it that much time otherwise health issues might arise! All the best to both of us πŸ˜›

  29. Areyy thank you Tarun…what an informative article! I just realized that my calorie count was off the charts as I was calculating the same on the basis of my starting mark! πŸ™ Hope to lose more in a few months…fingers crossed!! πŸ˜€

  30. Now toh.. i dont get that urge for that 1st bite.. yayy..

    In Initial days, control for that 1st bite is difficult, but our brain will understand what we want,, and stop our urges,,

  31. hi. im 82 kg before i was so thin but in 4 yrs i gained weight last year i joint gym and lost 7 kg but again i gain pls guide me what should i do.

  32. Hi Mayuri, are you still here?? I’m new reader and a bengali as well. If possible can you please share the recepies of those soups & salads you’ve included in your diet please?


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