How Indian Way Of Eating Has Changed Over Years


How Indian Way Of Eating Has Changed Over Years


Indians have a unique way of eating. In ancient days, an Indian thaali in good old days would consist of –

  • salad like cucumber, tomato, lemon- source of important nutrients and fibre
  • unpolished rice, natural wheat(not breeded wheat that we eat today) – source of good carbs which have usually lower Glycemic index
  • lentils and pulses – source of protein
  • vegetables – source of important nutrients and fibre

thali-meal- healthy south indian food

Salads, vegetables and pulses were the maximum portion of food. People used to eat 1-2 wheat rotis or a handful of rice. Nowadays, Indian’s have evolved their way of eating, rather have devastated their way of eating.

How Indian Way Of Eating Has Changed Over Years?

Indians have adopted various cuisines like Italian, Chinese, American, Mexican, Japanese are so common that people have actually stopped distinguishing them as “other” cuisines. Pizza, fried rice, burgers, quesadilla and seafood are as known as aaloo paratha! It’s a great quality that we are so open to change but sadly this change has done more damage than good. Most of the dishes from these cusines Indians like to eat are high in refined carbs and sugar. Take an example of pasta which is made of wheat, that too a lower quality of wheat which absolutely unhealthy and prime reason of obesity.

Indian folks who still enjoy eating Indian food now eat more rotis and rice – rotis made of chemically grown wheat and polished rice devoid of fiber.  Salad has become like dinosaur, absolutely extinct. People look down upon ghee and malaai as if they are the reasons for their obesity, not the Maggi that they had for midnight snack last night. Most of the kids refuse to eat “not tasty” vegetables like bottle guard, bitter gourd, egg plant or lady finger. My cousin 16 years old does not know how pumpkin tastes like, the vegetable does not look “nice” , hence does not quality the eligibility criteria to make an entry in his plate.  He doesn’t like to eat green vegetable at all. All he wants to eat are rajma, chole, paranthas, manchurian, momos, maggi, chowmin, potato sandwich.  Really? I am sure most of the kids want to eat similar food items. I am more amazed of the parents who vouch of giving only healthy diet their kids. Healthy diet means packaged juices, atta maggi or oats maggi(not masala maggi you see), wheat bread energy drinks, sugar laden protein powders, organic pulses with thick rotis, milk with sugary add-ons, ready made soups. They cook in olive oil and on the other hand overdo extra starchy vegetables like potato.


We Indians have totally given up right way of eating. Instead of eating health fats and protein, we eat excessive refined carbohydrates. That’s why every third Indian male or female that you see around is overweight. Irony is that we claim to be so health conscious but in reality we are completely in denial of nutrition which is as simple as ABC.

I hope we are able to make  a bit of difference in your lives by publishing right nutrition information.

Eat clean, stay healthy!



Have you too changed you way of eating?

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