How Lack Of Exercise Affects Your Body? Shocking!


How Lack Of Exercise Affects Your Body? Shocking!

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Exercising is extremely important for the upkeep of health. The health benefits of regular exercise include the following:

  • It keeps off excess weight
  • It makes the bones strong
  • It keeps the heart healthy

We have always spoken of the benefits of exercise on our blog but have we never discussed the adverse effects of lack of exercise.

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Do I need to mention that there are so many people around who don’t even move a muscle! 😛 There must be someone you know pretty well who is a couch potato and doesn’t exercise at all. Wait a minute! Do you exercise regularly? Are you the couch potato we are talking about? If so, this post will blow your mind away! People who think that they can get away without exercising are in deep trouble, find out how!

How Lack Of Exercise Affects Your Body?

When an individual doesn’t exercise, the bones get weak, organs begin to malfunction and he/she gains weight that can lead to obesity related illnesses like diabetes or hypertension. Let us have a closer and detailed look at the problem.

Muscle Atrophy

The medical term muscle atrophy describes the process of your muscles getting wasted away. When you don’t exercise your muscles to their full capacity, they start breaking down. This not just causes the loss of lean muscle mass, but also results in fatty tissue to develop around the muscles. Muscles are known to burn fat. When your body does not have enough muscle, your body’s metabolism slows down and as an end result you start gaining weight.

Decline in heart health

The Impact of Excess Weight On Vital Body Organs heart

Lack of exercise causes fatty deposits to develop around the heart and also in the arteries, according to the American Council on Exercise. It is also possible that fatty deposits enter the valves and chambers of the heart, which can result in heart failure or heart attack. And it is a widely known fact that every year millions of people all over the globe die due to heart disease. Does this mean that all those who died due to heart attack didn’t exercise properly? Well, we cannot comment on that without evidence but there must be some reason apart from unhealthy diet that so many people succumb to heart disease.

An increase in visceral fat

Visceral fat is the fat that resides deep inside the abdomen of an individual. It is known to surround the heart and the other vital organs and can cause a number of other health problems that include heart disease, trouble with gallbladder, metabolic syndrome and a lot more. Visceral fat is also known for secreting dangerous hormones. The fat cells produce certain hormones that can increase the risk of developing breast cancer and promoting insulin resistance that can lead to diabetes!

diabetes- how to control blood suagr levels

Intestinal effects

When you don’t exercise you may suffer from constipation. Exercise is known to promote digestion and helps your body in passing out solid waste. When you don’t exercise, the body’s digestion slows down. If you happen to have a lot of visceral fat along with irregular bowel movements, your chances of developing colorectal cancer increase. Exercising on a regular basis keeps your weight under control and increasing the quantity of fibre in your food can minimize the risk of developing colorectal cancer.

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