How Low Carb Lifestyle Has Changed My Life

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How Low Carb Lifestyle Has Changed My Life

I have been following low carb lifestyle for over an year now. I started with healthy grains like brown rice, jowar, raagi etc. In the past one year, I have shifted from one food item to another so that I don’t get bored, but focus has always been on controlling carb intake.

Let’s not talk about weight loss in this post, since we always talk about weight in most of our discussions but health goes way beyond that !

My life has changed a lot, of course for the better since last year. I won’t be exaggerating to state that the decision to go low carb was one of the best I have ever taken in my life.

tarun preet weight loss

The left most piccy is more than a year and half old, my face looks so swollen ewwwwww . The bottom most is a few months old. I am assuming I am in a much better state TODAY !

When I go back 2 years from now, I see myself running to my room as soon as classes got over. Singapore is a lush green and one of the most beautiful cities in the world;I was there for my MBA for months, still did not explore a lot. I did visit most of the famous attractions but did not have energy to go and enjoy nature in the parks next door to my college. I never realized that my energy levels were low , I just thought I was lazy and tired because of tiring assignments to be completed at night and unending classes during the day.

Once I went to donate blood and the nurse after taking my sample said “I think you should be donated some blood”. My hemoglobin was found to be 7, tad low ! I craved to eat chalk, sand and felt horrible because of Pica. I shifted to Dubai next month and started taking iron tablets as described by doctor. Things improved, I felt better and started working out and shedding weight.

After another 6 months when I returned to India, my hemoglobin was 9, still low despite taking iron tablets. I visited doctor again and he said he was afraid if I had bone marrow cancer, since there is very little blood production. Otherwise it wasn’t possible that despite eating iron tablets, my hemoglobin is not ready to increase. My mom started weeping there in doctors cabin itself without a second’s wait and my family was distressed for next 3-4 days until my reports arrived.

I saw fear in my family’s eyes ! I knew I am fine and kept smiling but that short phase was torturous. When my reports came negative, my family was happy but I was not. I knew I can’t live on medicines all my life. I needed to act gain my health back. In further tests, various other health problems like thyroid and a lot of deficiencies came to limelight. I was 14-15 kgs heavier than what I was in Dubai, just 6 months back. Frustration and depression was at its height. I was struggling to find a job , no happiness and no health around.

I started a healthy carb lifestyle under a nutritionist’s supervision. I followed her plan for about three months. During this time, my life changed and IWB was born. I researched for hours and one day ditched my dietitian. I started with low carb lifestyle with the help of web forums and books. I worked on my eating habits by analyzing how my body behaved in response to various foods.

I found out that I have been anemic, most of my life. Surprisingly I never knew about it. The capability of my body to absorb iron from food is low by birth, hence I need to eat three times more iron than what a normal person would eat , to be normal.

Today after 1 year of low carb lifestyle –

I have reversed more than 10 kgs weight and lots of inches. 5 kgs still to go reach to hit my weight 2 years back.

My skin is nourished.

My hair is stronger than ever.

I am not dependent on iron supplements, take them on and off

No more chalk craving, no Pica.

Chums so much smooth. I used to have immense pain and vomiting most of the times earlier.

My thyroid is in range.

I am no more deficient in nutrients.

And and and guesss what ! I am freaking working for 15-16 hours a day. Ooh Jeez, I never thought I could go on till night slogging like this. I have a full time job. I travel to office which takes 2 hours at least , Bangalore traffic sucks. I work for IWB after coming back. I workout also for minimum half an hour.

I feel healthy.

In short, I have become a super woman(grin grin 😛 ) . Touch wood !

I just hope IWB team can do the same to our clients too, who have placed so much trust in us 🙂 ! Amen.



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