How Marriage Affects Your Health?


How Marriage Affects Your Health?

The jury always tries to find out one thing or the other by doing many researches. Here is another research done by scientists and this is on marriage. Some time back they have said that there are many health benefits of marriage and now here is another study on marriage. This time they revealed something about how marriage affects the body. The research is on whether the couple increases weight or not. So does marriage really increase your weight?




Few studies say that there are many health benefits of marriage but a recent data based on 10,226 participants in 9 European countries says that marriage can cause their waistline to expand.

This study was conducted by a team of researchers from Universitat Basel, Switzerland and it was also published in a journal called Soacial Science and Medicine. It compared the BMI (Body Mass Index) which is the weight to height ration of these married couples with the BMIs of singles. According to the study in all the countries, married couples usually eat better than the singles and also weigh more and exercise less.

Based on this study, single men had BMI of 25.7 on an average but married men had a BMI of 26.3 on an average. Less of a disparity was found among women. The BMI was 25.1 on an average among single women while the BMI was 25.6 on an average among married women. According to WHO (World Health Organization), the normal body mass index or BMI should be between 18.5 and 24.99. Those who were considered as overweight had BMI between 25 and 29.99. If the BMI number is above 30, it indicates obesity.



“Our findings show how social factors can impact health. In this case, that the institution of marriage and certain changes in behavior within that context are directly related to nutrition and body weight,” Ralph Hertwig, director of the center for Adaptive Rationality at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin, said in his statement.

So, he means that marriage is something that directly relates to the couple’s nutrition and body weight.

Most of the married people say that they eat less convenience foods and unprocessed foods but they also admit that they exercise less or don’t exercise at all and that could be the main reason for higher BMI especially among those with committed relationships.

“Our findings indicate that couples are not healthier in every respect, as has previously been assumes,” Jutta Mata, lead author of the study undertaken in this matter and Assistant Professor of Health Psychology at University of Basel, said so in the statement.



It means that couples do not care much about their health and take very less care compared to the singles.

It is obvious since after marriage people tend to get more responsibilities but still it is required to take good care of health. It again doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t marry and shouldn’t take responsibilities but since the study proved that though couples take good diet better than singles, they avoid physical activities and exercising, married people are advised to take the responsibility of this as well.

Consider indulging in activities or get few hours of time per week to exercise. There are many health benefits of marriage. So, let not this single reason be the disadvantage.

Hope this post on “What Marriage Does to Body?” was helpful.

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