How Mindful Eating Aids Weight Loss


How Mindful Eating Aids Weight Loss

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How did you have your lunch today? While chatting with your colleague, watching TV, working on the laptop or playing a game on your cell phone. Have you ever paid attention to the fact that you are multitasking while eating? Eating has become so mechanical these days. Do you know that eating mindfully helps in weight loss? Read on to discover more.

Mindful eating

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Mindful eating is inspired by Buddhism. When you eat mindfully, you tend to eat in a slowly and thoughtfully by paying attention to the aroma, flavours, colour and texture of the food. All kinds of distractions like TV, laptop are removed. For beginners practicing mindful eating would be chewing the food slowly, feeling the texture and relishing the flavours of the food.

How mindful eating aids weight loss?

  1. Tunes your hunger hormones

Hunger is regulated by two hormones called leptin and ghrelin. Our fast paced lives have made us out of touch with real hunger. So, we tend to crave even when we are not hungry. With mindful eating the hunger hormones function properly in a timely manner. This means we would begin recognising the feeling of hunger and fullness with the help of mindful eating.

  1. Reduces overeating

It takes about twenty minutes for your stomach to communicate to the brain that you are full. Only if you eat slowly you will allow this communication to take place. Have you ever felt stuffed after a meal? It is because of speeding through your meal. Now, with mindful eating you will know when you are full and you will not overeat.

  1. Increases enjoyment of food

When you savour each bite of your meal, it ignites your interest in making good food for yourself. Even an ordinary snack will become a source of enjoyment as you will pay full attention to it. Mindful eating will help you relish your food.

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  1. Improves digestion

Do you know that digestion begins in the mouth? Yes, saliva gets mixed with food, which is the first stage of digestion. When you eat mindfully you tend to chew your food properly and slowly. This will put lesser burden on your digestive system. If the digestive system is healthy, your body will be able to manage its weight too.

  1. Improves the relationship with food

Irrespective of your weight, eating disorder, you deserve to relish your food. When your complete attention is on what you are eating, you will develop a better relationship with your food.

  1. Reduces stress

Sitting at the dining table and eating your food mindfully can re-boot you as you are away from distraction. The levels of stress hormones will come down. Such a practice rejuvenates you.

  1. Makes you feel satisfied with less.

You will begin to enjoy smaller portions of your food. This is particularly important for weight watchers. Enjoying their eating experience the mindful way will make them less likely to indulge in junk food later.

Hope you found this article useful!

Now you know how mindful eating aids weight loss.

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