How Much Weight Can One Gain In A Day?


How Much Weight Can One Gain In A Day?

Rome wasn’t built in a day nor do we become fat in a day! Many people including me thought at least once – how much weight can one gain in a day? This mostly happened with me when I went mad over food one not so fine day, since I did not plan my cheat days.

I just ate whatever came my way including all carbohydrates like rice, maggi, pizza, pasta – name it , I had it! Next morning I was sh** scared that I will gain enormously gain weight.

Reasons For Sudden Weight Gain

To my relief, I was just a few grams up which is normal!

As per the experts, its impossible to gain weight in a day or overnight even if ate crazily like I did. It all boils down to calorie calculation. In order to gain 1 pound of fat, you need to have 3500 more calories than your normal calorie intake. This means if your BMR is 2000 and considering the number in mind, you eat 2000 calories in a day, you need to eat 2000+3500 = 5500 calories in day! That’s a lot of food. In this calculation, I considered BMR as total energy required by body. Basal metabolic rate is the energy needed to run the body while you’re sleeping. If you are hogging on food madly and doing your normal chores, the energy spent on your movement is not considered here.

Now let’s assume that your BMR is 2000 and with your normal day to day activity, you need 3000 calories. To gain 1 pound in a day, you need to eat 3000+3500 = 6500 calories.

When I went mad over food, I consumed some 3000 calories and my BMR is approximately 1500. That’s why I gained a few grams since as I ate, I was doing all my regular work.

A few readers told me that they gained 3-4 kgs on Diwali day. Well, I don’t believe it! I don’t deny their weight gain, but they did not gain overnight!  They would have gained over a period of week, and only if they overdid sweets. One piece of sweet , say for example has 100 calories, and you eat approximately 20 pieces along with your regular meals, you can easily eat 3500 calories more than your normal daily intake.

Few tips when you go mad over food one day –

  • Next day, you would feel bloated. Have loads of fiber in your food.
  • Drink excess water the following day.
  • Eat normally the following day. Fasting the next day does no help. Our body is not a camel hump that can store food 😛
  • Do workout the next day. You could choose any of the fun activities if you don’t have gym membership. Check out fun ways to exercise and lose weight. I find cycling and swimming a lot of fun 🙂

P.S – If you still feel, that you have suddenly gained weight – check out this post reasons for sudden weight gain

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