Top 13 Ways How Obesity Harms You


Top 13 Ways How Obesity Harms You!


Being obese or overweight not just affects the way you look but also harms your health.

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1) Obesity– a cause of mental disorders

Obesity can lead to clinical depression, anxiety and other disorders of the mind. Studies have found a close relation between obesity and mental health conditions. So, you really need to lose weight to stay fit mentally.

2) Leads to fertility issues and menstrual problems

Excess weight and too much of fat tissue affects the reproductive organs. Overweight or obese women have a tough time conceiving and can also have menstrual problems. They can also suffer from PCOD or PCOS.

3) Cause of snoring and sleep apnea

ways to get rid of snoring

Obesity is a cause for snoring and even sleep apnea. This happens because the excess fat around the chest, neck and face presses down the wind pipe when you lie down and that restricts breathing. The main reason of your snoring! The story doesn’t end there. Due to breathing difficulty, your sleep will get disturbed and may lead to insomnia.

4) Affects skin health

Obesity makes your hormones to malfunction which in turn affect your skin. Obesity not just stretches your skin making it prone to infection, it also leads to less blood flow to the layer of the skin. You might develop ulcers and acne.

5) Increases the risk of diabetes

diabetes- how to control blood suagr levels

Moderate obesity can also put you at a higher risk of getting afflicted by type 2 diabetes. This is because excess body fat makes you insulin resistant.

6) Functioning of lungs gets affected

Due to overweight there is pressure around your lungs and it tends to decrease lung function. As a result the functioning of other organs gets affected due to the lack of oxygen.

7) Can cause gall stone formation

Obesity disrupts the functioning of the gall bladder. It is an organ that stores bile. If there is too much fat in the body, stones will get formed in your gall bladder due to the excessive cholesterol in the blood.

8) Can lead to joint pain and osteoarthritis

When you are obese, the excessive weight puts pressure on your bones and joints. Constant pressure can lead to osteoarthritis and arthritis

9) Leads to fatigue and body aches

A study found that obese people had aches and pains along with generalised fatigue. It is generally because of the stress the body has to bear due to the excessive weight.

10) Leads to raised cholesterol levels

High cholesterol levels are linked closely to obesity. Your body’s excess fat along with unhealthy eating habits can do terrible things to your cholesterol levels putting you at a risk of heart disease and stroke.

11) Increases risk of cancer

Obesity can put you at cancer risk, especially that of the colon. Obese women are more prone to get breast cancer, uterine cancer and gall bladder cancer. Obese men have more chances of getting prostate and colon cancer.

12) Affects the functioning of the brain

Brain How digestion is affected by stress

Obesity can affect the brain also. It is known that obesity can degrade the white matter sheath, which is the outer covering of the nerves in the brain. This reduces neural impulses.

13) Causes high blood pressure

Your heart gets overworked as the additional fat in the body needs blood supply. All the extra blood vessels put pressure on the walls of the arteries thus weakening them. Excess body weight also affects the ability of the body to circulate oxygenated blood properly.

So many negative effects of being obese! It is time to brace up to lose some (or lots ;)) of weight.

Ready to lose excess weight?

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