How Pets Help In Emotional Well Being?


How Pets Help In Emotional Well Being?

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Do you have a pet at home? Does it keep you busy all the time? But of course the unconditional love they shower on you all day long makes it all worthwhile, doesn’t it? Even if you don’t have a pet, simply watching little birds and squirrels do their daily antics is quite relaxing. There is nothing better than enjoying the lush green surroundings with animals roaming about.

Owning a pet is a great way to stay emotionally healthy. Have you ever felt the soft furry coat of a cat or dog? Stroking the animal affectionately relieves you of worldly worries and when they start licking your face or snuggling you, it is a feeling that just cannot be expressed in plain words. Having a pet gives immense joy and pleasure. And what can be better than having a dog as a pet who is man’s best friend? However, you can have any kind of pet, it is up to you!

A good workout buddy-your pet pushups

Pets are a great source of social and emotional support for almost everyone, not just for people with health issues. It has been found that pet owners fared much better than non-pet owners in the area of well being. Pet owners are known to have a greater self esteem, are more fit physically, are less lonely, more extroverted, less fearful, more conscientious and less pre-occupied than the non-owners.

More and more people now own pets. Instead of purchasing a pet for yourself from the pet shop, why don’t you adopt a homeless animal from the NGO? It is a very noble deed.

Several studies have been done to find out the emotional benefits of owning a pet. A survey was conducted on 217 individuals to find out the differences between pet owners, non-owners with regard to well-being, attachment style and personality type. It was found that pet owners were a lot more happier, healthier and well adjusted than those individuals who didn’t own a pet.

woman-n-dog prevent depression naturally

Research was done on 56 dog owners and it was found that the pet owners who thought their dog increased their self esteem, sense of belonging and meaningful existence had a much greater well being than those who did not feel that their pet was capable to fulfill their social needs.

In another study it was found that having pets staved off the feeling of rejection in the minds of people. They felt emotionally strong as their pets fill the voids in their lives with all the affection and love they provide.

This means that it is not just the people with health issues that are benefited by pets. Even healthy individuals are greatly benefited by pets. Pet owners feel that they are just as close to important people as they are close to the pets. This shows the social and emotional support pets provide.

Here is a glimpse of what the researchers wrote in the paper and published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology-

Studies done recently show that pets have a positive impact on the lives of their owners, both physically and psychologically. In the past studies focussed basically on pet owners who had health issues. The current studies establish that having pets can be good for healthy individuals too.

Are you too going to own a pet?

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