How Reducing Carbs Helps In Losing Weight?

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How Reducing Carbs Helps In Losing Weight?

There are increasingly new terms & studies related to the diets being followed for achieving a targeted weight. We must have seen so many people talking about what kind of diet to be followed for a sure shot weight loss. Some suggest Paleo diet, Atkins, Vegan and many more such terms.

Well, so many terms are not only confusing but may not work for everybody in the same manner and that is the reason there are several studies conducted every now & then on the effectiveness of these diets.

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There has been a common notion about fats being unhealthy for the body and not at all helping in weight loss. Well, this was the topic of study which got published in The New York Times and came with the debatable topic of butter being healthy in weight loss journey! In general, butter is usually not considered healthy for the heart nor for weight watchers but the report generated an elaborate discussion over the term!

Interestingly, the Low Carb lifestyle encourages the intake of fats in measured and considerable amounts which certainly contradicts with the Low Fat Diet intake rules for achieving weight loss.

Low Carb diet actually focuses on utilizing other sources of food to derive energy other than the carbs which provide instant source of energy and are largely responsible for the increased glucose levels in the body which triggers insulin level and makes weight loss a tough task.

low carb food

According to a survey supported by the  National Institutes of Health a report was published in Annals of Internal Medicine which observed a group of 148 obese between the age 22- 75 who were made to follow a Low Carb Diet & the other group to follow a Low Fat diet. There was a shocking & unexpected outcome of the weight loss levels for both the diets.

The Low Fat diet certainly helped people in losing weight and reduced their respective weights on an average of 4 pounds but those who followed a Low Carb diet had considerably lost the excess weight much more than the Low Fat diet followers by a whopping 12 pounds. Also Low Carb Diet followers were found to be less prone to the heart & other cardio vascular complications which further implied that fats are after all healthy for the body going against the popular belief about fats being harmful for the body!

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The studies simply implied that actually all fats are not harmful for the body and may actually aid in reducing risks of cardiac issues and considerate weight loss. The Low Carb Diet Followers were found to have healthy cholesterol levels, a decreased level of protein which causes inflammation & drastic weight loss in comparison to the Low Fat Diet followers.

The remarkable results after the study reveal not only the effectiveness of a Low Carb Diet in being a more effective way to lose weight but also has an additional benefit of the reduced chances of cardio vascular and cholesterol induced problems in most of the people.

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