How Right Meal Timings Improve Health?


How Right Meal Timings Improve Health?

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Usually the focus is on what you are eating. That is why there is a saying “You are what you eat”. According to research, ‘when’ you eat is an important factor that determines health. Yes, smart meal timings can improve health. Read on and have a look for yourself.

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How smart meal timings improve health?

Smart meal timing can help in weight loss

The phrase “Eat breakfast like a queen, lunch like a princess and dinner like a pauper” is quite common. It is some really good advice according to the latest research done. People who consume the majority of their calories before 3 PM not only lose weight faster but lose 22% more weight than others.

They can help in building muscles

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If you are into strength training, breakfast can decide your fate! It is essential to have protein in your breakfast. This is because you have slept all night and haven’t had even a morsel of food. Typically you are in a fasted state. Having 20 to 30 g of protein in your breakfast is a good idea. You can make your breakfast healthy by including yoghurt, some fruit, cheese and of course an egg to get the right amount of protein. Breakfast should be such that your body gets refueled and energized for the day ahead!

The afternoon energy slump can be avoided

According to a recent study, people are most likely to eat poorly and give in to temptations around 4 pm. By that time people have a slump in their energy level and their blood sugar gets low. At such a time you would want something quick, convenient and high in sugar, calories and fat!

What is the solution? Protein! You can a bit of fat to it too! It will help you feel satiated faster. Don’t have fat free stuff as they add sugar in it to compensate for the lost fat. The added sugar will offer a quick burst of energy instead of a sustained boost of energy. You can snack on a handful of nuts (almonds), cottage cheese (paneer) or yoghurt.

It can help you sleep better

To sleep well at night, eat dinner like a pauper. Eat within a few hours of your bedtime and make sure to reduce the intake of your saturated fat. Research says that saturated fat affects the body’s circadian rhythms and eating it close to bedtime can prevent you from getting quality sleep. It would be better to choose lean protein, like how all the movie stars have. Boiled or baked chicken or fish would do for dinner. If you really want to have a bedtime snack go in for cherries as they are a good source of a chemical called melatonin, a chemical that regulates the circadian rhythm. According to studies, cherries can improve the quality of sleep and they are healthy too!!

The risk for diabetes and metabolic disease may be lower


Reaserch indicates that eating more at the days beginning and small amounts during the rest of the day can help improve insulin insensitivity. A study has found that eating a late lunch (post 3 pm) will hamper weight loss and worsen insulin sensitivity, which is linked to an increased risk of diabetes. People who eat an early lunch are on the safer side. If you have the risk of getting diabetes, talk to your health expert about your meal timimgs to maintain normal levels of blood sugar.

It can boost fertility

Recent studies show that having a hearty breakfast and tapering the food intake over the day can improve insulin sensitivity, lower levels of testosterone and increases ovulation frequency. This improves fertility. Women who ate a heart breakfast followed by a moderate lunch and a small dinner had a 50% rise in the rate of ovulation. A change in meal timings can change the way certain hormones act and that too without any side effects that most fertility treatments are accompanied with.

Your workout can get more effective with smart meal timings

As you all know, pre-workout and post-workout meals are important. You would want to have carbs within an hour of exercising. After all, carbs are the fuel needed during exercise, so it is naturally to reach out for them. As a pre-workout meal, you can have a whole wheat toast or banana with nut butter. After your workout you need to replenish what you have lost during exercise. You can have cottage cheese with a fruit, a smoothie or oats.

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