How Running Five Rounds Changed My Vision Of Life


How Running Five Rounds Changed My Vision Of Life

How Running Five Rounds Changed My Goals In Life healthy students

How Running Five Rounds Changed My Vision Of Life

I’m convinced that we can have a profound effect on anyone with whom we come into contact. Some act that we deem totally insignificant can literally shape someone else’s future. The right act at just the right time could totally change someone’s life. Years ago, somewhere near the library of Army Public School, Narengi Cantt. just 11minutes after the start of English Class on 22nd September 2005, that’s what happened to me. My life was dramatically transformed because of a simple punishment by my English teacher that was delivered at the right time in just the right way.

I remember how I was speaking to myself, Daud le beta , Daud le, bas do round aur”, the only thoughts coming to my mind. My body drenched in sweat, breathing heavy, but my mind was determined. I had to do it.  Dishonesty wasn’t my kind of thing. Oh!! But wait!!! Isn’t that sounding a little absurd? Oops! My apologies. Starting from scratch, let me take you to the scenario just 20 minutes and some seconds back just before that long agonizing run of mine.

“Dude, did you watch RAW last night, it was 8 man tag team match”, My friend Kaish screamed and his voice echoed in my ear. I turned back and glared at him, “You are talking about RAW, didn’t you see INDIA vs ZIMBABWE, Irfan Pathan nailed it 7 wickets man.” I said. We were in class, occupying the last three benches of the last row near the window (as usual). I was trying to figure out why the weather had to be annoyingly humid, while having conversations about WWE and CRICKET and most importantly what was there in our lunch boxes today, just when we were interrupted by our friend Pankaj who came hustling with a horrified face towards us “ Bhai,I am dead. Today Ma’am is not going to leave us. We are surely going to be punished” he said. And stunned at his reactions we asked “What happened? Why are you fretting?” “I didn’t bring the English Work Book and Ma’am won’t spare me this time.” He said with a pale depressed face. “Arrey, don’t worry. She won’t say anything, maximum what will happen? She will scold us. That’s it. And yes, even I have not brought the book.” I said without knowing what I was going to witness in a few minutes.

“Gooddd…Morninggg…Ma’am…….” Whole class sang.“Good morning!! Sit down” answered Ma’am. I looked around, some students were looking confident, some scared, while some picking their nose and scratching their heads trying to figure out why were they there and my friend Pankaj praying to God “Bhagwan, please bacha le”. And there I was now losing my confidence because suddenly I saw a girl Surabhi standing and asking, “Ma’am, I am not able to understand this rhyme scheme question of Work Book”, — What!! Seriously, did she just mention Work Book?? I saw Pankaj glaring at me in anger which in fact was more of a sad look. “le beta we are dead now” he whispered. “Okay, show it to me and others take out your work books and open yesterday’s assignment.” commanded ma’am. Everyone was busy taking their work books out and my friends, they were trying hard to control their laughter seeing my face. Another sound buzzed, “And those who haven’t brought their Work Books, kindly stand up” that was Ma’am looking at my bookless desk and smiling. Out of the whole class five goony sullen faces with no work book on their desk stood up trying to avoid an eye contact with ma’am. “So! What are the excuses this time?” as usual ma’am asked, the whole class laughed and we, as usual used the most flamboyant word of English – “Sorry”.

“Hmm…. You all know the drill, hands up, and five rounds of school playground on the doubles’’ ordered ma’am frowning.

How Running Five Rounds Changed My Goals In Life run

I felt sad, ashamed and very angry with my English teacher for this punishment. After one round the other three guys stopped and said “Leave it bro, lets hide and after some time we will come back and tell ma’am that we finished.” I looked towards them in disgust thinking how they could be dishonest and what if they got caught, thus decided to keep running. Others went back and after third round it was only me running. For once I also felt giving up and lying to my teacher but lying was not my nature as after all I was an army kid. After fourth round, though my legs were paining yet I was proud and happy for being honest and later I realized a very important thing in life that our greatest weakness lies in giving up and the most certain way to succeed is to always try just one more time. The will to win and that desire to succeed, that urge to reach our full potential, are the only key that has the power to unlock the doors of personal excellence.

How Running Five Rounds Changed My Goals In Life compete with u

That moment I saw my life ahead

After that fifth round I was so energized and proud that all the pain gave up. I saw my goal at that time which was completing the task assigned to me. I returned to the classroom and stood at the door with a heart pumping hard, a face proud and red, but my eyes twinkling with the glow of achievement. “Task completed ma’am, Five rounds done.” I said catching my breath with new found courage. I felt different, anew. I had the feeling of that fire in my belly. I was not the same boy anymore. My teacher with such small act of being tough had taught me so much and after that moment my life changed. I was no more the casual, “I’ll do it tomorrow” kind of boy anymore. That experience filled me with new determination. I suddenly had the wish to do something in life and strived to be better to prove my worth. Nine years ago I never knew my potential, I never knew that I would win the national science exhibition, or represent KVs in National Games for badminton or Command NCC contingent R.D parade in Guwahati or even that I could join the mighty Armed Forces. Today whatever I am it’s because of that punishment and my teacher. If she wouldn’t have been strict I would have never understood what exactly life is and that the best way to predict your future is to create it yourself. It was my English teacher who changed me to the core and gave me a vision;

“Infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love. And whatever your beliefs are, honour your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from above high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen… yourself, right now, right down here on Earth.”

How Running Five Rounds Changed My Goals In Life work hard

And after years altogether I reconnect with that English teacher of mine, here on this blog..My English teacher, now the editor of this blog, Kanan Ma’am. 🙂

Running five rounds changed his goals in life and what about your goals?

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