How Sleep Can Help You Lose Weight?


How sleep can help you lose weight?

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Have you ever felt that sleeping too much can cause weight gain? If you still think so, let me tell you that you are wrong. In a recent study it was found that individuals who slept less than 7 hours per night are heavier, have a tendency to gain weight and have a tough time losing it!

If you’re trying to lose weight you need to understand that catching adequate hours of sleep every night is as essential as working out at the gym.

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Here are six solid reasons to get more sleep.

It stops mid-night snacking

If you are wake late at night you are bound to get hungry and head to the kitchen for a mid-night snack. You will consume calories that you don’t need. According to studies, those extra calories can result in a weight gain of 1 kg a week. In the 7 day long study, sleep deprived individuals gained more weight than others who slept well through the night. This was purely because they ate 550 calories extra than the other group that was fast asleep in bed.

It helps you in burning more calories

After a good night’s sleep you will be more energetic and also when you are asleep your body will burn calories. It has been found that the amount of calories burned when a person is not moving/ is asleep is 5 percent higher than those individuals who are sleep deprived.

It boosts fat loss

There has been a study to compare weight loss results of two groups with different number of sleeping hours. One group slept for 8 ½ hours per night and other slept for 5 ½ per night. Both the groups consumed the same amount of calories. Both the groups lost the same amount of weight but the group that had the most amount of fat loss was the one that slept well at night. So even if two people ate the same kind of food, their sleep would determine their ability to lose fat.

It encourages portion control

In another study to understand portion control in well rested and sleep starved individuals, the two groups were asked to select their food portion on a computerized screen. It was found that the people who were sleep deprived added thirty five more calories on their plate than the well rested group.

It helps you shop for healthier food

You are cranky after a sleep-deprived night. Also you are exhausted and hungry. Never go to the supermarket when you feel like that as you will end up buying more of junk food. There was a study in which sleep deprived individuals were found to be buying 1300 calories more than individuals who slept well. And these sleep deprived people were not hungry as both the groups were fed a filling breakfast before doing the test. So, this means that if you sleep well at night you will buy healthy stuff off the shelves of the supermarket.

It helps in keeping your brain focused

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When an individual is deprived of sleep his/her brain functions differently. Studies have been done to find the effect of lesser sleep on the brain. It was found that the lack of sleep affected the brain in such a way that the tendency to overeat increased. There is also activation in the part of the brain that regulates pleasure seeking behaviours in humans. Unhealthy food is found to activate this part more than healthy food. This means that if you skip your sleep you will eat more unhealthy food.

All the above reasons say just one thing, if you sleep well you will be able to lose weight.

Hope now you will make it a point to sleep at the right time at night 🙂

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