7 Ways How Spicy Food Is Good For Health


7 Ways How Spicy Food Is Good For Health

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I know many people who run away from spicy food and also those who love them! The world is full of different kinds of people you see. I have seen people asking chaatwalas add handful of red chilli in their chaat and still not feel hot! :O I am not that kind of a person. I only enjoy green chili in my omelet. I don’t why it just doesn’t seem enjoyable without it 😉 Do you know that spicy food can actually be good for your health? (Please note this is not for those who have acidity or stomach ulcers).

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1) It helps in burning calories

All the panting and sweating that occurs while indulging in a spicy meal can serve a real good purpose and that is burning of calories. A study says that consuming a plate of spicy food increases the rate by which you burn calories by about 8%. In simple terms, dealing with all the heat speeds up your metabolism. There are other studies that have found that people who have spicy appetizers at the restaurant tend to consume lesser calories when it is time for the main course. So, if weight loss is on your mind try adding some spicy dishes to your diet.

2) It protects the heart

A number of studies show that those in who live in countries where spicy food is the norm tend to have a lesser number of heart attacks than those who live in countries where spice is shunned. What is the reason? Well, when you consume chili peppers, the effect of bad cholesterol gets negated. Also, capsaicin, the chemical that gives the mouth burning effect to chili, helps in fighting inflammation.

3) It provides relief from pain

In simple terms, capsaicin present in green chili is capable of inhibiting some of the signals from your nerve cells to the brain, thereby deadening any sensation of pain that you may be feeling. Capsaicin is one ingredient that is often present in pain-relief creams as well as pain relief patches. The logic is that the burning sensation eliminates the pain.

4) It increases longevity

A huge Chinese study found out that those who eat spicy food every day reduce their chances of dying by 14%. The researchers said that it is rather early to link spicy food with an increased lifespan but the results seem promising.

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5) It has nutrients

Consuming chilies on a daily basis will make it a lot easier for you to meet the daily recommended intake of nutrients. This includes vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C and some essential minerals.

6) It can make you feel happy

When you eat spicy food, your brain secretes all the ‘happy’ hormones such as serotonin that helps you deal better with depression, anger, anxiety and stress.

7) It wards off cancer

Latest research and certain medical professionals say that capsaicin has an effect on certain cancer cells that is similar to powerful cancer-fighting drugs. The chemical is so powerful that it has the capability to kill blood cancer cells and it slows down the growth of deadly tumours. Isn’t that just wonderful?

What do you say? Will you start consuming green chili with your food? It may be helpful for you!

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