How Spinach Aids Weight Loss?


How spinach aids weight loss

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I am here with some hot weight loss news!!! Remember how Popeye used to get instant energy from spinach? Do you also remember how toned he was unlike his enemy Bluto? Well, the magic was in the spinach! Yes, Spinach helps in weight loss!

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A study has been conducted recntly in Lund University of Sweden and they have found something that will bring smiles to so many faces that are on a look out for a good weight loss method. In the human study it was found that a spinach extract called thylakoids decrease hedonic hunger to an extent of 95% and increases weight loss by 43%.


Now what you must be wondering is what is hedonic hunger? No it is nothing exotic or fancy, it is just another name for the craving you have for junk food. This craving for unhealthy stuff is a leading cause of weight gain and obesity(Yawn! You know that!) The study has concluded that by consuming thylakoids there is an increase in production of hormones that have a hand in producing the feeling of satiety. The cravings for junk are also suppressed. This helps in controlling the appetite and eating healthier food. Sounds like a perfect recipe for weight loss!

A professor at the university said that consuming a drink containing thylakoids before eating breakfast reduces one’s cravings and keeps one feeling more satisfied all day long without any kind of cravings.

More about the study conducted

The study was 3 month long and had 38 overweight participants. Each morning the women had a green drink before their breakfast. One group was given 5 gms of spinach extract and the other group was given a placebo. Partcipants of both groups were asked to eat a balanced diet with 3 meals a day and not to follow any other diet.

The group that was given a placebo lost 3.5 kgs and the group that was given thylakoids lost 5 kgs! The women who consumed thylakoid found sticking to 3 meals a day a lot easier than the other group. They did not have any cravings.

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How processed food affects hunger hormones

The modern processed stuff consumed by us day in and day out gets broken down so fast that the intestinal hormones that send signals of fullness and satiety to the brain and suppress cravings are unable to match the speed. So you keep downing one serving of crisps after another but just don’t seem to feel full. Your brain is unable to receive the signal from your gut so that it asks you to stop gorging! This is the reason behind your unwanted weight gain.

Role of thylakoids in digestion

The green leaf membranes i.e thlyakoids slow down the process of digestion that gives sufficient time to the intestinal hormones to communicate with brain that we are full. It is all about utilizing the time taken to digest food. Our digestive system has nothing wrong in it. It is just that it does not function well with modern processed stuff that can be called ‘pre-chewed’ food. Thylakoids produce a feeling of satiety by extending digestion. When cravings for junk food gets suppressed you won’t be reaching out for junk like fries, chips and sugar loaded drinks.

Isn’t this a good reason to add spinach to your diet? There are so many other nutrients too that you can get from spinach!

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How spinach aids weight loss sounds interesting to you?

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