How stress ruins your life?


How stress ruins your life

Have you ever come across a person who just sways and sings la-la songs all the time? A person who is oblivious to the world’s turning upside down? Basically a care free soul who firmly believes in and lives with the fact that everything in this world is subject to change? I was one such person; an exact personification of the words I wrote above; until recent times, when something shook my feet off the ground and I went into a depressed state. The trail of one thing turning down followed by the other set in and I saw my ‘self’ falling down.
Until a few months ago I did not believe in the existence of the word ‘stress’ and I presumed that people who appear depressed are too weak to handle things and life is not so cruel to cause anyone to be like that. I only appreciated the dark side of the coin when some adverse events happened with me too and the chirpy bird in me remained mum for a stretch of months together. I could cry with the slightest breeze that blew across my face.


Adverse effects that stress

While now that I am learning to brave the winter, I acknowledge what grave changes this big word ‘Stress’ has brought to my body. Had I been a little more adamant on not letting myself being affected, my health would have been better. I am sharing with you all the adverse effects that stress has on us, so that you save yourselves from the inapt changes.

1. You age faster:

You can literally spot the signs of ageing in your body with the increasing amount of stress that dwells in your mind. This is the last thing a woman would want to happen to her and with stress we in fact double up the speed of the process. Your skin is the first thing that displays the effects and its all the more stress inducing I tell ya!

2. Your menstrual cycle gets affected:

It is all about the right play of hormones as we know by now. With stress, the release of certain hormones goes up and it in turn affects the proper functioning of other related hormones in the body. With stress, women experience either scanty or excessive bleeding; early or delayed periods.
Now healthy period is what makes women beautiful and the times you do not experience healthy and timely periods your beauty goes at stake too.

effects of stress on body

3. Lowered immunity:

Immunity or ability to fight most diseases is inversely proportional to the level of stress you are experiencing. Heavy stress or depression leads to lowered immunity and that simply means you’ll fall ill more often than usual.
Back aches, headaches, nausea, vomiting etc would become a part of your life and you would have to live a prolonged time with any other disease which you might already have.

4. Insomnia:

Well, sleeplessness is an inevitable part of your lives if you are stressed and do not even get me started on what sleep deprivation does to your body.
Be ready to gift yourselves with dark circles, dull skin, occasional wrinkles, lost charm, mental deviation, loss of concentration and what not.
Trust me, I have had it all with insomnia and it is just not worth experiencing for any reason.

5. Heart diseases and risks:

This is universally known fact that stress takes you closer to all the heart diseases possible and increases the risk of a stroke.
Been there! Had it all! I am versed with the fact that there is absolute helplessness when we stress out or feel depressed about any given reason. But you know giving a reaction to the situation is very crucial for your being. Put a brave front and get going just as I am doing right now and trust me the strength that follows once you take the first step for yourselves is unmatchable.
After rain comes sunshine, just as winter always turns to spring. But the spring blossom depends on how well we are able to use the winter.
You are stronger than you know.. And… You definitely not want any of the above things to happen to you.

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Wear a beautiful smile for now. Until next time, take care!

Hope you are not going to let stress ruin your life now?

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