How Sugar Harms Your Skin?


How Sugar Harms Your Skin?

sugar kills us

When we think of sugar, we think of the good things like tea, coffee, chocolate, toffee or mithaai(sweet). Pessimist people like me 😛 , think of not so good things about sugar like weight gain ooh gosh, insulin spike, diabetes, low energy levels etc. Unfortunately, I go one step ahead and think of dull skin and pimples as well 🙁

We all think sugar can make us fat or maximum cause diabetes. We never think that it can literally hamper our skin. It can make it dull and full of wrinkles. I am not sure how many people experience acne/pimples, but I definitely do face this issue all the time I run out of Stevia. If I consume more than 1 table spoon sugar in a day in my tea/coffee for a period of 2-3 days, I see pimples on my face. You could argue that there could be a lot of reasons for acne but its difficult to accept since it happens only when I start eating sugar without any other change in my lifestyle be it food, skincare or other lifestyle aspects.

Carbohydrates(sugar) being in simplest forms, are broken very easily by the body and converted to glucose. Hence, when you consume sugar(carbohydrate) or any food which is high in GI, it immediately raises blood sugar level and insulin levels too. The insulin hike immediately causes inflammation in the body!

Let’s see some more of How Sugar Harms Your Skin!

Dehydration and dark under eyes

Sugar drains out water from your cells. It results in dark under eyes and puffiness. God bless your eyes!


Sugar is an evil for skin health. It affects collagen which is responsible for keeping skin young and wrinkle-free. Sugar eats up collagen and makes skin dehydrated. Everyone is aware that dry dehydrated skin ages faster and is prone to wrinkles.


Sugar is acidic in nature. It raises insulin level and causes inflammation. Excessive inflammation causes breakouts.

Blood Sugar Imbalance

Sugar alters blood sugar level. When insulin is released, blood sugar level falls and creates a stress in the body. It causes dull looking skin.

There are tons of other damages that sugar does to your skin. Its best to keep a check on your daily sugar intake. The best alternative to sugar is Stevia, check out my favorite stevia sweetener here.

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See you again!



Will you say good bye to sugar after knowing How Sugar Harms Your Skin?

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