How Surya Namaskar Benefits And Strengthens Your Body?

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How Surya Namaskar Benefits And Strengthens Your Body?

Hi my dear ones,

We are starting a yoga series with this being my first post.

I love yoga, it has given me a lot, in fact I am still learning. You see, any form of exercise you may do, yoga forms the base. I learn Tai Chi– where the moves are similar to yoga, the sun salutations, the core exercises, pilates, strength training, stretching, all have been picked up from Yoga. And I am proud to say that it has originated in India. But sadly, not respected in its true form. I see people telling me strange things like, you can lose weight with yoga or power yoga is the thing. I think true yoga culture is more followed by the West. Trust me when I say this.

yoga for hair and skin 2I will start this post with Surya Namaskars, as this is the opening of any yoga class, It has many variations and you can do as many as you want whether it is 1 or 100 as long it does not break you back or knees.

12 Asanas to make you1r body strong

surya namaskarThere is are 12 asanas in total which you perform in order to complete one round of Surya Namaskars, usually completed with prayers. The Asanas act as a body opener, just like you would do a bit of cardio before you start your workout. In fact, Surya Namaskars works on the whole body in the warming up process. It helps you opening up of the body and releasing any tension and blockages. It provides the body oxygen. One wise Yoga guru told me once, that do not wipe your sweat while performing Surya namaskar, as it is energy which is generated from within. Thus, when you perform these asanas, they work towards making our body stronger. That is why I never advise doing million rounds (pun intended) of Surya namaskars without practice.

Making your body flexible:

yoga poses flexibilityHave you ever tried sitting crossed legged on a  floor, do you find it difficult? Well, fear not, many people face the same problem. I learn yoga here (yes I still learn) and find that many people in my class cannot sit crossed legged, they complain of knee pain etc. Whereas I sit with ease, I have been doing yoga since childhood, when my mom forced me into it. I enjoyed doing yoga, and it made my body flexible. I am not saying if you do not do yoga at an early age you cannot become flexible, but Surya namaskars offer you to attain flexibility.  It opens up joints and muscles, in fact, yoga with a proper diet can relieve any kind of pain you have in your body. Of course, if you have any kind of injury, you must consult your doctor before doing any kind of exercise.

Detoxify with Surya Namaskars:

Surya Namaskar For Weight Loss

I know detox is a buzz word and if you want to look beautiful, detox has a big role to play. I will discuss this more in my next post. With Surya Namaskars you release all the toxic airs and breathe in fresh air. It is a natural way of detoxifying yourself. You have to while performing these Asanas, breathe is the specified way i.e., inhale and exhale.

Make your mind strong

The idea of Surya namaskar is to make your mind strong, it helps you overcome fears and connects your body with the mind. The performance of Surya namaskars with prayers helps you in connecting with the mind. When doing Surya namaskar, I find it very difficult to move from the plank (5th) position to the coming on my shoulders (6th), as it takes a lot of toll on my arms from the already plank, but with proper control of mind and concentration you can achieve this. In fact, I am still working on this.

surya namaskar step 5-6I will be writing more in the yoga series, so keep a watch.

Till then why not try a round of Surya namaskar!

Do you know how Surya Namaskar benefits and strengthens your body?

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