How The Place You Live In Affects Your Health?


How the place you live in affects your health?

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Do you know that the place you live in can have an effect on your health?  The truth is that climatic and environmental conditions of a place do affect health.

Here are a few tips that may be handy in making the place you live suitable to your health.

1. Choose a temperature that works for you.

temperature and health

Every person tends to react differently to temperature changes. Change in temperature can affect bodily processes, organ function and production of hormones.

Start noticing climates that make you feel the best. Try your best to make sure that home and workplace are quite similar to that kind of a climate which suits you best. Regardless of where you live either the hot tropics or the cold mountains, you can always adjust the temperature indoors if need be. Though practically very difficult, you may need to move to the place where the climate suits your body if your current adobe is completely different from the climate that is ideal for you. Such steps need to be taken when health is a major issue.

2. Humidity affects your body’s processes.

Everyone’s body requires a certain amount of light and heat in order to achieve wellness and body balance. While a hot and dry climate may be ideal for some people but it would not suit other people.

At this juncture, I want share a real life incident, my friend’s cousin from Delhi had come to pursue her MBA from a reputed college in Chennai. The climate of Chennai is always hot and humid 🙁 This didn’t suit her at all, she was constantly sweating and feeling uneasy. It was so much that she discontinued her course and went back to Delhi. So, climate that suits one does not suit another like how Chennai suits me well but it did not suit that girl.

At times it is just not possible to shift to another city, what can you do? You can adjust the humidity indoors to that which is well suited to you with the help of your AC. Perhaps you can plan a vacation to the place having the climate that suits you the most!

3. Get the negative ions for your wellbeing.

running for fitness

Now what are negative ions? They are air particles found in beaches, near waterfalls and forests. Negative ions do the following:

  • They increase the oxygen levels in the blood
  • They strengthen the immune system
  • They rejuvenate body cells

So, if you feel down the next time do try taking a walk in the greenery or near natural flowing water and get some negative ions. On the other hand, if your body needs positive ions do the opposite 😛

4. Find the altitude that will be beneficial to your health.

People feel different at different altitudes. A few people’s body functions well at sea level and the others feel at home in the mountains. Closely observe how you feel both at sea level and at higher altitudes

5. Be aware of the effect of artificial light.

Lights can have an impact on health. They regulate sleep and hormonal functions. Having artificial lights can be harmful for some people. It has been found that blue light emits a wintery spectrum that can make you lethargic and tired. Yellow light, i.e. the tungsten bulb emits more of a summery spectrum and it can keep you awake and happy. Switch bulbs as per your comfort and you may become healthier and alert. The effect may vary from person to person.

Do you agree that the place you live in can affect your health?

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