How To Accept Your Body & Dress Accordingly


How To Accept Your Body & Dress Accordingly

It doesn’t matters that you are obese or skinny! Losing or gaining weight for the sake of improving one’s appearance should not be the reason to get a perfect body! It should be more of how you can manage staying healthy and physically active even if you do not reach the required Body mass index or the ideal weight-height ratio!

Once you have accepted the fact that weight and body appearance is not an issue, the road to stay healthy is smoother there on wards!

Recently, I was scrolling through a plus size store or women clothing and I came across the fact that the basic size which starts for plus size women is no where near to my vital statistics and all along I have been the one thinking I have weight issues and after delivery I put on a lot of weight along with some hormonal imbalances which made me even more conscious about my body!


The thing is we are constantly judged by everyone around with regards to being skinny or thin so as to be called fit! In my opinion one should never fret over their body and constantly think about getting slimmer and stress themselves! Instead of it one should make efforts for a better lifestyle so as to achieve an ideal fitness level which goes all the life.

Accepting and embracing the body makes you feel much more conscious about the body and you can proceed with a healthy state of mind frame that whether the emphasis should be on losing or gaining weight or staying physically fit and active!

Well, talking about my own experiences, I would like to share some of the best ways in which you can accept the body you have and dress accordingly!

Always dress comfortably-

Never try to imitate anyone! The lady you saw the other day wearing a beautiful dress may make you feel a little offended for your obesity but you should not be offended instead you should wear those clothes which compliment your body shape and see how positive you will feel about your body when others will comment you about the same!


Find your comfort clothes and never try anything out of impulse just because the other woman you spotted was wearing a similar dress!

Feel your own kind of beautiful with your body shape-

Everyone is unique, what others don’t have, you have! Focus on the those features whether it is your body or your hair anything and embrace everything else for better! It will also motivate you to do better and who knows you might one day reach the point where you have as envious body shape because of the healthy and stress free lifestyle you opted!


Search Your motivation-

When every thing goes the other way around, you need to search your own motivation! And the body you have is the best motivation! Love your self and go for a disciplined lifestyle reform and continue to practice it not as some routine but a new way of life! You will feel so much better than stressing over it every now and then!

Choose fabrics which don’t accentuate your body flab-

Body con dresses look great but only if you ave a well toned body which is necessarily not skinny! If you have the right flab at the right places you can opt to wear any kind of dress you like! But for the time being choose only those fabrics which do not emphasis more on making your flab look particularly evident!


Think positive & remain stress free

Always believe in that you are going to do it and the lifestyle you have opted is not only for a month or a year but for a whole life! Those will make you feel better each day as you notice the healthy changes in your body! Even if you are not losing any pounds, your face glows and you are constantly given compliments for that, it indicates that your positivity and hopeful insights will never fail you in conquering your body related concerns!

Never, ever compare to others-

This is not going to take you anywhere and you will end up getting all stressed with no motivation to start anything which you wish to achieve! For being fit, you need a constant motivation, a feeling or jealousy for someone leaner body is going to take your nowhere and all your efforts for a healthy self are going to go down the drain!

Hope you find the post helpful! 🙂

Will see you again!

What do you consider your motivation to remain fit?

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