How To Avoid Feeling Sleepy After Lunch?

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How To Avoid Feeling Sleepy After Lunch?

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Yawning after lunch is one embarrassing thing you can do in office 😛 . Sometimes I yearn for caffeine aka tea/coffee immediately after lunch because I know for a fact that I am soon going to have a tough time preventing to fall off on my desk, concentrating on work is a distant destination! There are a lot of reasons why you feel sleepy after lunch.

Heavy lunch is the most common reason of feeling sleepy immediately. When you hog and have a hearty meal, more blood is needed by the digestive system to burn the food. This causes lack of blood supply to the brain and therefore you feel sleepy. When you have a meal full of sugar or carbohydrates, your blood sugar level could rise and insulin is released to tame the blood sugar level. Insulin triggers tryptophan which further gets converted to serotonin in your brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter which is the sleep inducing culprit. So avoid too much sugar in lunch. Inadequate sleep is another reason why you could feel sleepy after lunch. When you have not slept enough, you manage to pass time since you had energy after breakfast. By noon, body starts feeling tired since it is sleep deprived and also knows that soon day is going to end.

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Other reasons of feeling too sleepy are of course driven by health issues you could be suffering from. If you have anemia, diabetes or insulin resistance, you are likely to feel extremely drowsy at times. Please consult a doctor in such scenarios.

How To Avoid Feeling Sleepy After Lunch?

This is no rocket science that in order to avoid feeling sleepy after lunch, you need to avoid the causes that I explained above 😛 .

1. Avoid overeating and also watch our sugar/carbohydrate content in your meal. Do NOT eat junk food for lunch. Include protein, good fats and a lot of fibre while planning your lunch.

2. Walk after lunch. Do not sit immediately please, it causes drowsiness and acidity too.

3. Eat a wholesome breakfast. It helps the body to maintain energy levels to keep going through the day.

4. Do not have over dependency on caffeine. Tea/coffee helps in staying up but if you are too dependent on them, well then you would be sleeping all the time when you can’t manage a cup of tea. I know a  few people who sit to work with a big mug of coffee!

Well, that’s about it. If you have any more ideas to avoid feeling sleepy after lunch, please share.

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Keep the above mentioned tips in mind and stay alert post lunch!

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