How To Avoid Injury At The Gym


How To Avoid Injury At The Gym

This is one of the very serious matters that need to be addressed. We all start to work out to be fit but sometimes because of lack of awareness, knowledge, and guidance, end up creating problems for ourselves by injuring our body parts.

There are few precautions that we can take and stay away from injuries. I have learned these things over time and have applied on myself, and have been successful in staying away from injuries.

I will start with what body parts are most prone to injury while working out and what are preventive measures you could take to prevent these.

Body Parts Prone to Injury

1)      Knee joint

2)      Ankles

3)      Heels

4)      Lower back

5)      Shoulder Joints

6)      Hamstrings

How To Avoid Injury At The Gym

Accessories To Prevent Injury

I will list some mandatory as well as some optional accessories that help you avoid injuries. I have learned it from my own experience. Although I have never had any serious injuries, I have faced a few minor ones but was able to recover very fast.

Sport Shoes (Mandatory) – Never do exercises in flat shoes or slippers (especially the ones that have a very thin base). You must wear sport shoes that have good cushion and are flexible, made especially for this purpose. These shoes for sure are expensive but long lasting too. Plus health is always more important than money. If you break or rupture a tendon or joint, you will end up paying multiple times of what you have saved in ordinary shoes.

How To Avoid Injury At The Gym sport shoe

Among the two shoes shown above, I prefer the one on the left. Wearing good shoes will protect your heels, ankles and tendons. If you are not sure how to choose sports shoes for your kind of workout, read here.

Knee cap support (optional) – Your knees are under pressure while doing exercises like jumping or running. Also if you do exercises like deep squats or deep lunges with decent/heavy weights. People who have had prior injuries are advised to use a knee cap support to protect their joints.

How To Avoid Injury At The Gym knee support

Ankle Support (optional):- I have heard many girls complaining about pain in ankles. If you have had prior injuries in ankles, you could buy a pair of ankle support, these are really helpful

 How To Avoid Injury At The Gym anke support

Try to buy light ones so that it can be accommodated in your shoes.

Heel support (optional):- A pair of silicone gel cushion that is soft, fits easily in your shoes and relaxes your heels while running, squatting, deadlifting etc.  If you feel pain in your heels, I would recommend you use these.

How To Avoid Injury At The Gym heel support

Gym belt (optional):- People having problems with lower back may use this. Helps prevent problems like slipped discs. Although if you are doing free weight exercises then you may not need it.

 How To Avoid Injury At The Gym belt

I prefer the ones on the left because they are lightweight and easily adjustable.

These are few types of equipment to avoid injury at the gym. In the next post, I will discuss the precautions to be taken while doing few popular exercises.


  1. Since the time i started using Knee cap i feel much better when running..nice article Rahul..why don’t you update about your self in the author column 🙂

  2. That is enough if you dont really have any particular problem.That is why except for shoes, i have listed all the others as optional 🙂

  3. I guess the gym belt is something I should buy. Can wear it during office hours too. I was also planning to buy a posture support belt for my slightly hunched back posture.

  4. Shradha. posture support belt is good, but I would say use gym belt only if you really feel the need. Do not use it always because that way your back will always be dependent on it and will never get stronger.


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